The Attainment of Evangeline

The Attainment of Evangeline » As a young woman, Evangeline falls hopelessly in love with her father's young friend, Jack Sparrow. One of his many visits turns into an adventure to find a long lost love, but can shy Evangeline withstand the fact that Jack may never feel the same for her as she aids him in his quest and can she find herself along the way? Jack/OC
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5. Chapter 5

Evangeline's eyes fluttered open against her will; she did not want to even contemplate waking up for she was too exhausted to contemplate anything. Yet, her eyes opened anyway but only to find the barrel of a pistol not a few inches from her face. She gasped and jumped quickly, the pistol following her. Captain Sparrow stood half up, doubled over, one hand clutching his bare stomach and the other holding the gun. His face was deep red with concentration and utter pain, she could tell, and he struggled to stay standing; for he was wobbling back and forth.

"Mr. Sp-"

"Don't speak." he said with labored breath, through gritted teeth

She didn't dare look at the gun nor his face, so she kept her wide eyes on the window, and noticed it was still raining, though, not as it had been last night with terrible thunder and torrents of rain. It was only a drizzle now.

"Who are ya?" he demanded, the gun shaking a bit from the intense pain he was suffering. She slowly looked to him, her heart beating against her ribcage, and spoke

"Evangeline Mckenna." she said, barely above a whisper, yet he heard her.

He grunted with pain, the bandage around his midsection was wet with blood. He muttered something foul under his breath.

"Where the hell am I, and what did ye do to me?"

Evangeline tucked a dark curl behind her ear, nervously.

"You're in Folkstone, England and you're in my home. I did not do anything to you sir, except bandage you up last night." she said

He peered at her, the black beneath his eyes was smudged and to her he looked a tad bit frightening, especially when he had a gun pointed at her. There was moment of silence, as they both looked at each other and finally she dared to speak.

"You need to lay back down Captain." she said, making a move toward him and expecting to be threatened again. But he let her come close, nearly collapsing in her arms as she used all her feeble strength as she lead him back to her bed. He sat on the plush blankets with a grunt and took a sharp intake of breath as Evangeline helped him to get his legs up. He shut his eyes tight against pain and again whispered, "bloody hell" through his clenched teeth.

"Are…are you alright?" she asked, stuttering a bit

"Shit. Do I look like I-" he stopped to take a deep breath "am bloody alright?"

She blushed pretending to smooth the wrinkles from her skirts, knowing it was an imprudent question. From out of the corner of her eyes she watched his face as it contorted with absolute pain. She bent over to take a look at his wound, but Jack brought the gun to her face again and she put her hands up.

"I only want to help you sir. Your bandage needs to be changed or you will get infection." she said quietly

He thought about it for a moment and then nodded his head slowly, giving her permission but he did not move the pistol away.

"First though, yer gonna tell me how this happened." he said nodding his head in the direction of his abdomen for emphasis.

"I don't know sir. You showed up at my door in the middle of night, and you were already wounded. I suppose you have no recollection of what occurred."

"Course I don't, else I wouldn't have asked ye." he barked

Evangeline excused his open rudeness due to the fact of his stomach being sliced and all. After a second Jack sighed and set the gun down by his side, allowing her to tend to him. She smiled shyly and cautiously placed the back of her hand to a spot just below where his bandana laid across his forehead and he closed his eyes against her touch. He was excessively warm.

"You have a fever." she said, making her way across the room to the water basin, but when she reached it, it was full of bloody water. She had forgotten to empty it the night before.

"I have to change the water from the basin, I shouldn't be very long." Evangeline said, as she grabbed the shawl that lay across her small bedside table and wrapped it around herself, "And please don't move, you're not strong enough to." she added as she left the room, basin in hand

Evangeline made her way down the hall, the water in the basin threatening to spill over the sides and she suddenly stopped in front of her father's study. She knew he would be passed out cold, but inside she also knew she had to check on him as she always did when she passed his study. She set the basin on the floor and softly knocked before entering. She peered into the darkness of the room, the only light came from the barely burning embers from the small fireplace.

She could hear her father slightly snoring as she made her way across the room to stand beside him. She hated to see him this way, her father who was once so vigorous and full of life, now so utterly loathed to live at all. She fought back tears when she saw her father still gripping onto his bottle of spirits, she thought about taking it and throwing it out, but upon remembering that she needed to tend to the Captain, she decided to leave it. Her father would be out for a few more hours at least. So, she left him to his deep slumber and retreated to the hallway.

When she returned to her room with the basin of fresh water, she was happy to see that Jack had not moved from her bed but she also saw that he was asleep. She set the basin on her bedside table and removed her shawl. Before she began her work, Evangeline realized that Jack would not be unconscious this time; that he would feel everything. She would also be touching his bare body, something that made her uncomfortable already and now he would feel that too. But when a little moan escaped from his lips, she forgot about her comfort level and bent down to wake him.

"Captain Sparrow?" she asked, again feeling his forehead which was still hot to the touch

He opened his eyes, which looked slightly glazed over, looked up at her and after a few moments, spoke.

"What did ye say yer name was again?" he asked as she dipped a piece of cloth into the basin and wrung it out.

"Evangeline McKenna. I need you to sit up so I can unwrap your bandage."

He started to lift his body off the bed, but he was struggling. Evangeline placed her hand on his back, helped him into an upright position and begin to remove his binding.

"Have we met before? Ya look strangely familiar." Jack asked while wincing

Evangeline budged uncomfortably and she placed the damp cloth across his stomach and he jumped.

"Yes." she said, soothingly, "A few years ago. You used to be under the employment of my father, Henry McKenna. You stayed for dinner one night at our old house in London."

Jack looked at her for a moment and she shifted under his gaze. She could tell when he finally recognized her because his eyes widened and he slowly turned his head sideways.

"Yer older, obviously." he said, weakly

She nodded. Across the room she spotted the bottle of rum she has been using the night before and she stood up to fetch it.

"And ye moved, apparently." Jack said through labored breath, "Why?"

She sat back down on the bed; the movements making Jack clench his fists at his sides.

"My mother died."

He only nodded his head.

"Sorry 'bout threatening you wif the gun and all, if I had known who ye yer I wouldn't have."

She shrugged her shoulders in a dismissal.

"Captain." she whispered as he looked towards the bottle. "This's going to be painful for you. I'm not sure I can do it. I think it would be best if I sent for a doctor."

Suddenly, Jack grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward so that she was mere inches from his face. He looked tired and worn and ill.

"Ya will do no such thing." he growled. She could feel her heart begin to beat uncontrollably out of fear and surprise.

"W...why not?"

"Because the moment that said doctor walks through that door and sees me, he will run to the nearest military man and report me. I am a wanted man Miss McKenna, and I can promise ye that the Navy wont to a damn thing about this." he said pointing to his stomach

"You're hurting me." she said, barely above a whisper, avoiding his gaze

He looked down and saw that he had a death grip on her wrist. He immediately released her and mumbled an apology.

"I can handle it." Jack said after a second. He picked up the rum bottle, took a quick swig and handed it over to Evangeline.

She let the bottle hover over him for a moment, trying to find the courage.

"Just do it." Jack growled rather desperately

The second the alcohol hit the wound he shut his eyes tight and tried to keep from screaming. Evangeline felt helpless as he cursed out loud, and she suddenly felt the urge to reach out and grab his hand which was frantically clawing at the blankets around him. She gave in, her fingers tightened around his and he did the same. Her hand was being crushed but after a minute his grip relaxed and he let out a sigh.

"Are you alright, Captain?" she asked, taking her hand from his and moving the hair from her eyes

He opened his eyes and nodded.

"Wusn't too bad." he grumbled

He looked down at his wound and cringed, Evangeline could tell he looked a bit worried at the depth of the cut.

"'Ts pretty deep, 'ts gonna half to be sewn up, bugger it all." he said, swiping the rum bottle from her hand and taking another sip.

She looked at him, her eyes wide with horror.

"I..cannot do that." she mumbled after swallowing nervously. She could feel herself start to panic. It was one thing to be in the presence of a shirtless man, to help him with infection and deal with his blood, but to stitch him up? She didn't want to think about it.

"Ye have to."

She shook her head and stood up.

"What if I hurt you?" she whispered

"Look missy, I ain't gonna get any worse. I'm already in pain believe it or not." he replied, sleepily

"I'm not a doctor; I wouldn't know what to do." she said, nearly on the verge of tears

Jack cursed under his breath and the room was filled with silence for a moment.

"Look, don't cry about it. Ya mentioned yer father. Is he here or do ya live here all by yerself? If I remember correctly, yer father used to act as a makeshift apothecary for his ship when we didn't have one."

"He's here. But he wouldn't be of much use." she told him as she sat in the little chair by the door, "He's passed out, drunk, in his study."

Jack closed his eyes, laid his head back against the pillow and let out a grunt of pain and frustration.

"Bugger. Alright, for now, wrap me back up and perhaps later, if necessary, ye can call for a bloody doctor."

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