The Attainment of Evangeline

The Attainment of Evangeline » As a young woman, Evangeline falls hopelessly in love with her father's young friend, Jack Sparrow. One of his many visits turns into an adventure to find a long lost love, but can shy Evangeline withstand the fact that Jack may never feel the same for her as she aids him in his quest and can she find herself along the way? Jack/OC
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2. Chapter 2

Evangeline settled on her bed, wondering if her mother was fussing over supper, and deep down knowing she was. Her poor mother; she never really had an opportunity to do such things and Evangeline took into consideration that perhaps her mother could use some help.

She rose from her bed and once again she faced herself in the mirror, not to judge herself, but only to have a way to see so she could pin her dark curls up and away from her face. She made her way to the door, finally deciding to see if her mother needed her assistance, this resolution sounded much better than sitting in her room for the next little while.

Making her way to the kitchen, she passed by her father's study again. She lightly pressed her ear to the door, but she could hear nothing. Her father and the Captain must have already left, she thought. Sure enough, as she passed through the parlor, there they were, sitting on the couch, conversing about nothing particularly important. As Evangeline passed by, the Captain looked up at her, smiled, and gave her a little nod of his head. She looked away. Strangers made her nervous.

She hurried to the steps leading down below to the kitchen; she skipped every other one in an attempt to get down faster.

"Mum?" she asked, poking her head into the little kitchen, "Can I help with anything?"

Her mother smiled sweetly at her and shook her head, her dark curls moving in rhythm.

"Thank you darling, but I have everything under control, perhaps you should sit with your father, keep our guest company."

She would have given anything not to keep their guest company; her father seemed to be doing very well on his own, but she didn't argue with her mother, she simply obeyed. She loved her mother too much to ever go against her word.

Reluctantly, she went back up the steps, one by one this time. Captain Sparrow seemed so different. But even though they had just met, she felt an undeniable…something around him. The word wouldn't come to her mind. It made her uncomfortable.

At the top of the stairs, she saw them again, her father, sitting erect and rather proper. And the Captain, slouched slightly, one leg over the over, arms spread out over the back of the couch. There was a visible distinction between the two of them, not only in appearance, but in the way that they held themselves.

"I wish I could say that business picked up after you left, Jack, but as you can see, that is not the case." her father said

Jack nodded and Evangeline, in hopes of not disturbing the conversation, quietly seated herself next to her father, and crossed her ankles. Jack's eyes remained glued to Mr. McKenna, genuinely interested in what he had to say, her eyes on the other hand, were on the Captain. Strong features, piercing brown eyes; he was so much more extraordinary from the men she grew up around.

It took a while for her to realize that he was talking to her, and it broke her concentration.

"I'm sorry, what?" she asked

"Are you alright?" he asked, slightly amused

She brought her hand to her head and took a deep breath.

"I'm fine." she said, quietly

"Geline, are you sick?" her father asked, worry showing on his aging face

"I…I. No. I'm fine."

Her father looked at her quizzically, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm fine."

She hoped, she seemed to be acting quiet odd, she imagined, staring uncontrollably at complete strangers. Perhaps she was a bit sick.

"Well, Jack, do tell us. How is business for you?" her father asked, picking the conversation up.

"What can I say, a pirates life is the best kind, mate. It's pure…" he stopped, and turned towards Evangeline, "freedom."

They looked at each other for a moment, with a connection, until her father spoke up, and his eyes faltered.

He was a pirate then. She didn't know how to react, as a once-upon-a–time merchant, her father should be weary of pirates, and he should not want to be in the company on them. Yet, here was one now, sitting in their parlor, about to eat their food, making her act…quite unlike herself.

She could hear her mother coming up the steps and the thanked the Lord, for she would no longer have to sit here and be subjected to such things. Without a word, she removed herself from the couch and made her way to the dining table, and everyone followed her lead.

The rest of the night was a blur, she wasn't really paying attention to anything around her, and she was in her own mind, oblivious to the communion around her. She sat, and ate. Nothing more and nothing less. The only time she entered back into the real world was when she reached out for her glass, and felt Jack's hand just as he had reached for his, as they were sitting on opposite sides of each other across the small table. It startled her; he seemed not to notice that anything had happened. It was only a brush of his hand; she didn't feel whether he had worn hands from his pirating business or whether they were still soft from being young. It was only a brush. Yet it startled her so.

Even when she was done eating, she remained seated, shyly doing nothing. She was grateful that no one talked to her, other than to ask her to pass this or that. She felt heavy and tired, she wanted sleep, and she was taken from her own little world again when Jack stood up, followed by her mother and then her father. She stood up as well and they all headed toward the parlor.

"I really should be goin'. If I want to reach the Isle of Wight in three weeks' time, I have to leave tonight." Jack said, running his hands along his chin, thinking. "Thank you fer dinner, luv, it was real nice." he said, talking to her mother.

She seemed slightly taken aback by being called "luv" but she shook his hand regardless, and after he shook her father's hand, he held his hand out to her and she took it. Her heart skipped a beat, his hand was rough, the hand of a Pirate, of a sailor; they were strong, firm. He smiled.

"Nice ter meet you luv." he said to her, and she nodded as he released her hand

And then he left. She rushed to the window and pushed back the curtains to see him. It was pitch black out on the London streets so she could not see which way he had gone but she smiled slightly.

"Geline, come away from the window." her father ordered, and she obeyed.

"He was nice." her mother said, sitting

"He's a good lad, despite his recent decisions."

"What did you think of him dear?" her mother asked

She thought about it, not quite knowing. It had been a fascinating ordeal.

"He was…interesting." she said, and with that she kissed her mother goodnight, and made her way to her bedroom to sleep.

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