There was a girl who found out she was something special in the magic world- but you gotta read the story to find out the rest


1. What just happened

I was listing to imagine dragons as i walked back to my house down the moonlit street.I pulled my gray jumper closer to to keep warm,  it was getting more colder since it was getting closer to the winter time, even though it was only october but still. I looked up to the full moon and sighed in awe as the moon looked so pretty in the cloudless sky i was broken out of my trance when i heard a blood curdling scream in the next street over. What was that i thought outloud.


“That was the sound of my latest victim” a male voice said i turned around to see the source of the voice and when i did i saw a tall handsome man  with black hair with striking blue eyes that seem to glow he looked to be about 22 years old. Who are you i said “ i’m your worst nightmare” and with that he lunged at me and i being the person i am just stands their fear striking me to the core.


Then all of sudden when i think i’m going to die a person pulled me back “ what do you think you're doing picking a fight with a greater demon” said the person behind me you know what nevermind just stay here and close your eyes, okay i mumbled out. I heard slashing, gushing  and things that sound like bones cracking. Hey are okay the person says up yeah i said looking up at the person that saved me when i did i was breath taken away by his beautiful indigo eyes and i kinda guessed i was staring because he coughed and said are you okay oh yeah im fine i said blushing madly “well any who im jasper cane the warlock of the storyside woods” nice to meet you oh and i’m clarity the human leader of the geeks i said.


“Now we got introductions out of the way lets get down to business” okay, so what were you doing here alone at midnight in the middle of a street, well i um went for i walk and i guess i got side tracked, okay well i guess that explained it just a little and can you tell me why you have a chosen one necklace he said looking down at my amethyst rock necklace.


Oh this old thing my mum and dad gave me this on my tenth birthday before they left to go on a business trip for a year, “ wait why am i telling all of this information, for all i know he could be a serial killer”


Can you tell me what they look like, um, i uh, ummmmm, my mum has auburn hair, she’s 39 well last time i saw her, average height, and i forgot most of the other stuff i said “ now what about your dad” well my dad is very tall,  dark brown hair with silver growing in, about 41 last time i saw him, he also has really pretty emerald  green eyes and so yeah i basically  know as much about him as my mum. “ why did want to know all this info about my parents, now i know why my parent’s warned me to stay away from strangers” oh my god you're the daughter of the king and queen. Im the daughter of who.


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