There was a girl who found out she was something special in the magic world- but you gotta read the story to find out the rest


2. weird encounters

Okay i think im going to head back to my house before my granda and gran worries about me be not home already, so um bye i whisper/yell at him while trying not to run into any poles on the way back to my house. Phew i am finally in my safe and warm house.


“Where have been young lady” my gram said angrily in her thick irish accent um i, uh, um, uh i been walking around at the park.


For 5 hours, you can not have been at the park for that long,now tell me where were you really at.


I could see the anger radiating off of her. Im not kidding i was at the park for that long “ are you positive” yes im sure. Now go eat something and do what you normally do before you go to bed. I felt like someone was watching me through the window pane, actually gran i might just go to bed and skip eating something, all i heard was a muffled yes in response. I put on my silk pajamas and dove into the pool of covers. I woke up the next morning to a person well to person’s above me. Ahhhhhhh-asdfghjkl, the guy put his hand over my mouth to muffle my scream so i licked his hand, and let me tell you it was not tasty. “Why the hell did you do that for” my attackers voice said wait i know that voice its the guys voice from last night. why in the name of the lord are you and your friend in my room.


Um because the king and queen ask me to, okay now tell me who is your little friend their hiding behind you i asked him “ for your information i am a lot older than you are” the mystery dude said okay then if you're so sure how old are you then i say, confidence dripping in my voice


I am eighteen thousand years old but to a normal human i look about a regular eighteen year old he finished and to top it all of he added a smirk to the end. I suggest you wipe that smirk off before i slap it off.


Okay, now now you to stop fighting and let gets this show on the road jasper said.


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