There was a girl who found out she was something special in the magic world- but you gotta read the story to find out the rest


3. mornings

“you know you're not as enthusiastic in the morning like i am” well maybe its the fact that im human and you don't have to wake up every morning to get up for school jasper


Just shut up and get ready so we can leave said the guys who name i don't know whisper/yelled


Fine fine let me get dressed but, first you guys need to get out of my room so i can do that, okay okay. Boy’s their going to be the death of me. I pick out some random skinny jeans, and maroon colored arctic monkeys shirt, black high top converse, and my leather jacket.


“ready to go” they ask yep leggo, wait where are we going “ where going to see you're mum and dad, the queen and king” oh right then lets go.


Shhh, we have to be quiet so my gran and granda wont wake up “ um actually they are ready know where we're going jasper said in a duh tone. What how do they know where i'm going.


Because they have been waiting for this day to happen and we just so happen to tell them that its time for to meet your parents.


You know i'm not just gonna ask how you know them because enough weird shiz is going on in my life right like for example you guys randomly showing up in my room just to wake me up to see my parents who i haven't seen in for years. We walked out of the door and started off to the woods.


“Here we are, the gateway to storyside forest the homeland to many supernatural creatures”


Um how are we going to get to this “ Storyside forest “ ? i asked one of the two boys who weren't paying to my question.


“Im sorry what did ya say”. I said how are we going to get through


Like this and he started chanting some weird words and bam where all here in this land of wonder and beauty.

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