A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


22. Waiting...


Date: Tuesday 2nd June 2015 18:40

Entry: 23/?

Subject: Waiting…

My life is a prolonged state of waiting for forever.

It is an extended trip of white flags and avoiding necessary work and uncomfortable situations. It is about butterflies and how people forget about the caterpillars – but you can’t have that butterfly without the caterpillar first. Let me show you how.

I take a deep breath and realise that all that matters is you, sunlight, words, happiness, animals, food and water.

I need to start thinking about profits, turning this into profits and a house with a yard, and a garden. Watch me give me the life I want, allowing me and you to be the person you want to be, the one you deserve to be. I got some work to do, here I go.

This is a beginning, an exponential growth spurt, screw all the haters to hell: I’ll get mine and you’ll get yours, you’ll see. This is magic, I’m waving my magic wand. Abra – Ka – Dabra. If you believe it will happen don’t act surprised when it will happen. I told you it was coming, you were forewarned about this gift.

And although you might be swallowing knives, drowning or with a bullet lodged in between your teeth just think of the word eventually. Eventually is a brilliant word, it is a physic, it knows what the future holds even before you do. Eventually means that it will come your way at some time in the future, it means that it will stop and the sun will come out again. It just means waiting. It just means believing.

You can do it.

I and you can both do it; here we go. 

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