A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


136. Universities


1st July 2017, 17:54

I've had a hectic couple of days going to multiple events to survey some different universities. University is technically only a year and a bit away, starting September 2018, and so I need to start thinking. 

On Thursday I sacrificed my usual lie in to go to a UCAS fair where loads of different uni's flock to give out prospectus' and tell us about life at their uni. As is normal for Britain it poured it down and so I was happy to get out of the rain and to the arena where it was taking place. I came home with a heavy (and I mean heavy) bag filled to the brim with about 20 different prospectus' from uni's across the country. 

My top choices are off course the local uni's, of which there are two of them, because as the last duckling to leave the nest I don't think my mother would cope with leaving more than a short car ride away. She's already said that if I go to Edinburgh she's moving out there with me. Plus if I go to a local uni I'll be closer to my sister and it would be so much easier to meet up with her for coffee outings and the like. 

This prompted going out for the open days for the two local uni's - first being Newcastle University. I went with my two friends and sacrificed yet another half day and a walk home with my crush to go to this so it had to be good! It was interesting as the lecture on Psychology was interactive and the question, "What do you remember about your last holiday?" and the shouted reply of "Cheesecake" is very rememberable. My response would have been hoola hoop competition or lift phobia.  I'm now thinking of doing an integrated placement year which would take my undergraduate life up to four years instead of three. It will be worth it because it would up my chances of having a future employment in psychology. We then got lunch and went to my friends subject sessions - accounting and biomedical sciences. We had to run for the biomed one because we were late after a session about a PARTNERS scheme ran over (where entry requirements may be lowered). 

This was all in the pouring rain yet again and I felt sorry but appreciatory of the students who directed people to the uni and helped them with tours etc. 

But I came away from the uni knowing that the staff were friendly and passionate about the subject I want to do and there's more than enough facilities for it, neuroscience, medical and school of psychology departments in all. 

Today I then went to Northumbria University, I know this campus to a smaller degree than Newcastle's as I've only visited there once when I was little. The thing I remember most about that time was the massive, three floor library which is still there. That's the best part of the uni if you're asking me. I felt a bit off in that uni, I don't know what it was. Maybe because Newcastle had set my hopes so high. The lecturer for psychology was German and that irked me a little because I had to try extra hard to pick out what exactly he was saying. Then the setting point for it being my back up uni was the fact that doing posters and leaflets was a part of the course. I thought that being a uni student would mean that I was done with all of that. But maybe not. 

It's still a fantastic uni, especially for those sporty folk because of the awesome state of the art sport facilities. But I don't think it's particularly for me. I wouldn't mind going to it, but I would prefer to go to Newcastle uni. The only perks of Northumbria over Newcastle was that the course had more flexibility allowing the students to pick the modules and experiments. Newcastle has a bit more rigid course where the decisions are picked from a set list. 

But overall I'm excited to go to uni next year, although I'm a little apprehensive for moving out and finally being a proper adult. We'll deal with it all when it eventually arrives. 



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