A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


57. Torture and triumph.


Date: Friday 10th July 2015

Entry: 61/?

Subject: Torture and triumph.



Dear W.E,

I would say today was torture and triumph:

My feet were hips length apart (you won’t guess but the first draft actually said gips!), my left arm at a 100 degree angle pointed down to the grass beneath me. I took a deep breath, tightened my grip on my golden bat and kept my eye on the ball. The bowler rolled the white ball within her fingers and then she pulled her arm back and threw it. Time seemed to slow. It may have only been seconds but in my eyes the ball was coming towards me in increments arching slightly to the left of my position. I waited until it got near enough to me. And then I swung my bat, which connected with the ball and forced it to retrace its steps. The ball soared beyond the stumps positioned and made the fielders go running. That was a pretty good idea.  I ran too, keeping an eye on the ball and flying past the stumps as fast as my little legs can carry me (I’m only 5’2 which compared with the giants in my school is tiny) and wacked the last stump with my bat. I just scored one point for rounders. I was one step closer to winning this game.

But that’s a bit of a time jump from the beginning of the morning.

Sports day fell on the tenth of July. On this day, the school was beautifully decorated with coloured flags dedicated to our houses. Angel, my house with our colour yellow (it really is hard to find a yellow top and not attract bees), Baltic, with their colour red, Tyne, with their colour blue, and Sage, with their green. Music pumped through gigantic speakers and this morning I was gifted with the wonderful rendition of ‘Jailhouse rock by Elvis Presley’ by my head teacher. Many people milled around with their decorated, painted faces and tutus and wigs. There was a gymnastics routine in order to wake us all up, a national anthem sang by such a little girl and a dance number to ‘warm us all up’. I’ll tell you now that I won’t ever listen to the ‘Time Warp’ ever again without imagining my teachers and everybody else dancing to it really badly.

Next up was actually doing our activities the first of mine being rounder’s which is aforementioned.

My next activity was netball. There were some proud moments I must admit; one of those being when I leaped in front of somebody, caught the ball in the air, spun around perfectly and passed it to the person who then got in the net. But there were some moments where my team got absolutely slaughtered; a boy always leaping in front of my and stealing the ball.

Since I only had to do three activities my last one was basketball skills which just generally involved messing around with a basketball for an hour and a half.  Yippee.

Finally we were sent home after a lecture of how good we were but not a confirmation of who had won the ‘games’ as my school calls them. Brilliant.

Now, my reward for that is a sun burn that covers both my arms, a portion of my neck and back and my face. I look like a beetroot. Such joy. At least I can laugh at how it looks like there are people running in my moisturiser on my arms.

I can tell that I am going to have such a good night. 

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