A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


68. The rock bottom and the lists.


24th August 2015

Okay, lately I’ve found that I’m procrastinating to the point of no return. I may have found myself lost in Buzzfeed YouTube videos and articles, trying to read myself into oblivion and most importantly tidying? I never tidy, so that’s when I knew that I had hit rock bottom.

To recover from hitting that really uncomfortable rock I’ve been making lists. Lists ranging from simple to-do lists, to what I’ve done with my day, to lists of what annoy me about certain people, and what movies, TV series and books I need to catch up with.  My list making skills are presented in the previous article but I’ve found that each list has a different format. For example, with titles and subtitles, with numbers or bullet points or random doodles, and with little notes tattooed across the page with arrows as their lifelines. It’s a way to categorize everything I’ve done so today is another featured list.

The list which presents the advantages and disadvantages of being short:

Please note that this list will be added to in future so that it isn’t complete nor the final draft, some things might move in the transition. Also note that these are based upon my own experiences and may differ to other opinions.

[Background information needed for relevance: I am 5ft 2 and although I am not the shortest person that I have seen, I feel incredibly short compared to my friends where the girls of which are like 5’8 and the boys are about 6ft and onwards. My doctor told me that I’ve just about stopped growing so the most I will get to is about 5’3 or maybe 5’4.]


You don’t get hit by low hanging tree branches nor do you have to duck to avoid them. The extensive and beautiful leg room when you’re in the back of a vehicle. You can weave in between crowds really easily. You can fit into the small and tight spaces that others can’t (this is a bonus for Hide and Seek). You can shop in the kids section and pay for clothes cheaper. You can make your clothes shorter to fit you but tall people can’t make their clothes longer. You can hang your feet over the arm of the couch and fit comfortably there. You are pretty good at playing limbo. You can be sneakier in places because you are less able to be found. You can make yourself taller while tall people can’t do that without surgery (which is a disadvantage for tall folks). You look younger than you are so you can go into kiddie places without ridicule. There’s less injury if you trip and fall since the distance is shorter.


People using your head as an armrest. Not being able to reach stuff high up. Sometimes looking awkward in certain clothes. People sometimes don't take you seriously. Some short folks are made fun of because they are short. You can’t see ANYTHING in crowds because of the tall people. You have to look up at nearly everybody. Never being picked for basketball or netball nor any sport that requires height. Clothes are made for average height so it can be difficult finding some good stuff. When you gain weight it is really obvious. Your short little legs can only move so fast. At times, you go unnoticed (sometimes people just don’t see you). Most pools are entirely made up of the deep end. You are easily lost in a crowd. You fear shrinking in your senior years. You always wondering what the world is like from a taller perspective. [I guess short guys have trouble finding someone because of the girl towering over them]


And there we are for the minute. Let’s make it clear that I have no way offended anyone intentionally and I’m sure being tall has its advantages and disadvantages also.


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