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95. Of Dogs and Cards


31st December 2015

I’ve realised that I’ve procrastinated on this somewhat. For that I am undeniably sorry and I totally regret it. Believe me when I tell you that I am on my proverbial hands and knees begging for your forgiveness. But I can’t really say that it won’t happen again because then I might just be lying to you.

I don’t like lying – it gives me the creeps.

Anyway out of the week or so that I haven’t documented for all of your visual pleasure there has been Christmas, Boxing Day and today (New Year’s Eve) that’s happened during my writing absence from this diary log.

First came Christmas which was a rather quiet affair if I must admit. I woke up at 9, read albeit begrudged, with numerous notifications from my friends who had been up since 6 (the children). For me Christmas has been slightly less glowly and exciting without the childhood glee, and is just another day for me. Despite it being another day I got my camera – a Canon 1200D – and numerous lenses and things to go along with it. My other gifts were clothes and makeup and the things of the like with lots of chocolate in addition to that. Dinner was too lush to the point of nearly bursting and regretting leaving the pigs and blankets (my favourite part!). Although on Christmas I always hold a thought to those who don’t have as much fortune as I do, with their only presents being able to live another day. My thoughts mean something even if they aren’t physical actions.

Next came Boxing Day where I went out with my friends for one of their birthdays. On the way we found a girl we know who was crying and made it our mission to cheer her up for the five hours we were there. During those hours we battled our way through manic, crazy crowds there for the sales, spent half our money on those massage chairs, and ate 40 chicken nuggets between three of us. That’s enough of explanation for that day I would think.

The other thing and a reason for my procrastination, even though it is no excuse, is my cousins coming over to stay in my house. My brothers side of the family, his dad and his two sons, came to stay with us this week and god it’s a change having so much testosterone in the house. Since it is only me, my mam and my dad living there it is quite a change. One particular funny moment was when they were playing Switch with tiny playing cards they got from crackers on Christmas Day, and was debating whether or not to get Chinese food. Although, they didn’t call it Chinese food they called it Yow Chow.

The following is an exchange around the table:

“Does anyone want some Yow Chow?”

“What is Yow Chow?”

“You know Yow Chow chicken and fried rice, Yow Chow noodles?”

*Blank faces around the table*

“Yow Chow is Chinese, duh!”

“Okay, we’ll get Yow Chow, chill your tits.”

Now on to more recent events – things that took place round about five minutes ago when I wasn’t writing this. I reviewed my year and made my resolutions for the next.

Do you want to read about them?

If not skip to the next entry – if there is when you read this – to be saved from the cliché finale of the year.

If you do then carry on my wayward reader.

2015 Review

What have I done this year? Well let’s see…

My memory is appalling so let’s see about a jumbled series of events that took place sometime this year in a haphazard order.

I sat and survived my first round of GCSEs and later on in the summer received the grades for those (a B and a C) I socialized more thanks to Princess and Moodathon (hey look a new name for a person!) and #Team/Tiempo Libre (Don’t even ask on that one). I became free of sources of negativity that was bringing me down aka getting rid of my best friend. I travelled more (To Edinburgh this time) I tried coffee for the first time ever, although I still love my tea. I attempted and completed my first ever full length novel aka Nanowrimo 2015. I saw my first ever author (Patrick Ness) I did something I never thought that I would do aka Kingswood. I survived this year (thank god!!)


My Resolutions for last year.


What was it?                                    Less procrastination

Did it fail or succeed?                     FAILED

Why?                                                  I dunno I just probably did it more this year, my bad.


What was it?                                    Fill a sketchbook up with art

Did it fail or succeed?                     FAILED

Why?                                 I did more GCSE art then I did just for fun, my bad.


What was it?                                    Worry less

Did it fail or succeed?                     FAILED

Why?                                                  I had my GCSEs, which answers the question fairly reasonably.


My resolutions for 2016

This year is the year that I finally do them – I hope – or at least try to.

Top Dog – Procrastinate less! I must put down my tablet filled with Buzzfeed/tumblr surfs and actually do stuff. Slightly smaller dog – Take up running again! I must do this less for training for something and more just to stay fit and healthy because I am so out of shape. Smaller dog – Be more money efficient/ save up money more! I must save up for future adventures such as seeing the Cursed Child in 2017 and I could do that by either selling stuff or getting a job (which is daunting I must admit). Smallest dog – Commit to learning a language. I need to try and get above a C in GCSE because I am worth more than that damn it!  

Now all we have to wait for is the clock changing to 0:00 and we can all start over for next year. Although I have to say thank you for reading this, this year and being the perfect, lovely people that you all are. 

I will see you in a year!


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