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47. Of beauty and of beasts


Date: Monday 29th June 2015 16:00

Entry: 50/?

Subject: Of beauty and of beasts

Tip/advice: #? Write about subjects that you are passionate about.


Today’s entry is inspired by the lone rose that has sprouted up in my garden. This entry is about my beloved Disney film and fairy tale ‘The Beauty and the Beast’.

The original author of this fairytale is uncertain; however, the story I will quote from is by Madame Leprince De Beaumont, written around 1740, and translated by Ronald Duncan.  ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ is about a rich merchant, his three daughters and three sons. The two older daughters are outwardly beautiful, but they are vain and selfish. The youngest daughter, who is called Beauty (la Belle) is beautiful outwardly, but also inwardly--she is kind and wants to have a good effect on others. When her father's fortune falls on hard times, Beauty has good will.  She rises at 4 in the morning to begin cooking and cleaning for the family. Madame De Beaumont writes:

"When her work was finished, she would read, play the harpsichord or sing at the spinning wheel.  But her sisters were bored to death; they rose at ten in the morning....and passed their time bemoaning the loss of their beautiful clothes.... "Look at our younger sister," they said to each other; 'she is so vulgar and stupid that she is satisfied with her unhappy position.' "

The fairytale is about a subject which has made people feel wonder and awe over and over again - what appears to be on the surface is not what actually appears in reality.  The story is critical of a woman's desire to think that what is on the surface is all there is. It shows powerfully, that the deeper you go and the more you want to know, the more meaning and value you will find.

Beauty tries to like things around her especially the Beast who she eventually meets.  And she feels she is being thought of deeply--her mind is being valued--not just her outward appearance.  Every evening when Beauty has dinner the Beast visits her and she looks forward to their talks.  And she doesn't stop at how the Beast looks? She wants to know him.

Beauty is happy even when the one who asks her to marry her is seen to be ugly by many. Thus, highlighting that that looks aren’t important to love. The fairy tale also gives off values that love is so powerful that it can transform those; in this case the Beast into a prince.

In 300 years the standard for beauty have changed over and over. In today’s ideals beauty is important and everywhere in our lives. Beauty is now determined by photo-shopped images of women and men which appear on every surface imaginable. This in itself says that we cannot outwardly determine beauty in true standards as the truth is distorted in our very eyes. I say that we have a single choice to make. We can succumb to society's expectations or we can determine for ourselves what holding appeal and beauty means. Perhaps it involves exercising or makeup, or perhaps it means letting one's hair down and embracing one's character. Either way, you should be the one to determine this - not some magazine cover.

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