A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


13. Memories of a diary


Date: Sunday 24th May 2015 14:30

Entry: ?/?

Subject: Memories of a diary.

Tips/advice #? And more are within this chapter.


 I remember that the best advice I ever got about keeping a diary came from my mother when I was of a small age that I can’t remember. I'd just received my first diary - a small hardcover notebook with Cinderella - and she said, 'You can write anything you want in here. You don't even need to worry about spelling. You're the only person who's meant to read this.' That advice is at the heart of what keeping a diary is all about. Unlike other types of writing, a diary is generally not meant to be ready by anyone else, it is not meant to have an elaborate plot or created stress of characters; it is meant to be true to you.

So, if nobody else is going to read it, why write it? There are many reasons people keep a diary. For some, it's a way to nurture their creativity. Writing in a diary can help spark new ideas or develop thoughts, for me it can get rid of writers block when writing other stories. For other people, keeping a diary is a way to stay emotionally healthy. Writing in a safe space can help you process past experiences. A diary is also a way of keeping a record of what happened and when. Others keep a diary of things that they're thankful for, as a way to be more in tune with the good things in their life. And some people keep a diary as a way to improve themselves or follow through on changes they're trying to make. You can keep a diary for any reason that interests you.

A diary can take many different forms. You can use a regular notebook. You can buy a specially designed diary, some of which even come with small padlocks on them to remain private. Or you can use your computer, choosing to save what you write on the hard drive or even the Internet, both of which I am doing right now.

The format of a diary can vary you can write the date at the top of each entry. Some people are very specific when writing the date, including the exact time of day that it is which is what I do to remain organised. Other people might simply write the month or year. The main idea is that diaries are often organised chronologically.

Some people follow is to write to their diary as though it's a living person or entity. For example, one very famous diary-keeper, Anne Frank, called her diary 'Kitty.' She began each diary entry by writing 'Dear Kitty.' In the novel, The Color Purple, the protagonist writes letter to God, and this collection of letters serve as a sort of diary for her.

But it can even go beyond that, a diary can take on many different forms. For example, some people add doodles, artwork or even keepsakes into their diary entries. Other people, like the fictional protagonist in the novel Bridget Jones's Diary, add numerical stats to their diary entries. You can do whatever helps you, the diary-keeper, get down the thoughts, emotions, ideas or events that you're trying to capture.

When it comes to ideas, you can either write about your day or if nothing exciting happened on a particular day, which I find is very often in my life, you can just explain what you would do if you won the lottery, what your biggest fear is, what are your aspirations, what are favourite memory?

Today I will be exploring the theme of memories. This past week has been a familiar trip down the road to primary school; where everything was so much simpler and fun because we had no responsibilities.

I distinctly remember ‘Cheese Mountain’ a gigantic yellow rock in the shape of a block of cheese in my primary school playground where most arguments and battles would take place. I remember my kind teachers and the familiar lectures about growing up and in their words moving ponds. I remember in Easter School (yes I was that much of a do gooder in primary school) I butt dialed by mom and was so embarrassed I hung up on her. That particular day I was stuck with the nickname of my name but said in the way my mom said, in a robotic shout if you will. On that particular day I was rewarded with muffins and pizza so it was all right.

Primary school was better and I will always remember fond memories like coming back from an all day hike and collapses on a rock with my friends proud that we did it and not moving for another hour. I remember dancing every morning so that we could get our blood flowing for lessons, I remember meditating on benches because I was a weird kid and the climbing wall where the ground was lava.

I remember having fun.

That is what writing a diary is all about. Just expressing yourself and having fun. 

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