A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


145. London!!


9th December 2017, 10:21,

So as some of you know there was an event for Sony Music and Movellas down in London on Thursday (the 7th). But what you don't know is that the Friday before I received an email inviting me to an event on Friday 8th December, doing interviews for Sony Music and the Movellas Audio Story program. I have two stories that will come out on that program and I emailed back and forth with Movellas to organise my presence at this event. 

The thing is I only had a week to prepare and I live about three hours away from London, far from the capital of the country that I call home. 

I've never been to outside London before so I tasked my sister with coming with me and Sony were glad to cover my train ticket (which was a hefty price believe me). 

So on Thursday I stayed at my sisters for the night and I stayed off school on the Friday (after receiving and covering the work that we would do). Then on Friday I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning to get a 5.30 train to London. I have never been more tired in my entire life. But Sony was hiring a makeup artist, so I didn't have to stress about covering up my tired face so early in the morning. 

We got down to London, arriving at Kings Cross at 9 in the morning. Then I had my first experience on the tube. We had just avoided the morning crush so it wasn't bad but I would experience it fully later on. 

I got to Kensington where Song is based and the London office was undergoing construction so it wasn't as grand as I thought it would be but it was still glamourous. 

I was a bit star struck to be honest and this feeling continued when I met some managers of Movellas and two fellow Movellians. They had never even heard of me which was humbling and exciting all in one. They however knew each other so I felt a bit out of loop and that didn't help my social anxiety but I warmed up and started to talk to them. Soon enough the make up artist was on to me and one of us was doing interviews about the stories apart of Movellas Audio Stories. 

The first interview took forever because of the music testing upstairs which was awesome since I possibly heard music before it had ever been aired. But this gave the make up artist time to curl my hair and apply bright pink lipstick which delved me out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I felt pretty and awesome, like Eleven in Stranger Things when she says 'pretty' all wistfully. 

Then it was my turn and I was in front of four cameras having an interview. Looking back on it maybe I should have answered differently or looked at the camera more, or been more confident. But for my first go in front of a camera properly (the time I was an extra in a TV show called Wolfblood aside) I think I did good. They took photograph after photograph, changing positions and poses and expressions. Then I was back in the waiting room and the next Movellian was in front of the camera. 

After that we did some recordings to introduce our stories and ourselves and then we trekked outside to shoot some video. It was freezing but it allowed me to visit Kensington Gardens and look wistfully into the dwindling sun. 

Then the shoot was finished and I felt humbled that I had been invited and welcomed. I got to have the rest of the day to myself with my sister and London. Here the full experience of the tube was given to me, packed like sardines having to move at every stop because someone wanted to be off. One woman was rude to me because I tried to push past her to get in but she was crowded around the doors, not moving even when she could see I needed to be in. We went to Camden Market which was sprawling and plentiful. 

I got a Harry Potter decoration from there, and I genuinely thought I had pulled out a twenty and the vendor was adamant that I hadn't. Nevertheless I was a bit embarrassed about that but I got over it and moved on. We got Dutch Pancakes which I got most of because my sister is lactose intolerant. 

All in all the day was good, tiring because I didn't get home until 1 in the morning, but good. I would go back but I definitely wouldn't live in London. It's too busy there and they don't have bins! They just pile their rubbish in bin bags on the side of the road. Maybe that's me being a bit pompous but I couldn't stand it. 

You'll be seeing my stories on Movellas Audio Stories sometime soon and although they are not what I would call my best work, I think you'll like them. 

(My family do because I've been forced to unveil my writing secret to them, that being that they didn't know that I wrote. My books are my children I swear.) 


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