A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


15. Jeremy Kyle


Date: Tuesday 26th May 2015 11:23

Entry; 16/?

Subject: Jeremy Kyle.


What this show does is to give you perspective on your own life. I often tell myself that I must never complain again about not getting enough kip, or something minor going wrong. Many of the people I meet face terror and tragedy in their lives – and keep going. I really admire them.”

- The words of Jeremy Kyle himself.

Jeremy Kyle presents a confrontational talk show in which guests thrash out their conflicts, dilemmas and relationship issues in front of a live audience. The Jeremy Kyle Show is something that I strive to watch every morning at 9:25 and I laugh at the people who go on there and try to beat the lie detector, try to win the audience’s hearts although they’ve slept with a million people, and try to figure out their baby’s daddy all within an hour’s show. There are some heart-warming stories; however, sometimes you just shake your head in disappointment at the sort of people that go on there. There are some people who really need to have Jeremy’s help and I appreciate that but why take all you’re meagre problems for the whole of Britain and in extension the world to see?

It’s still a vast source of my entertainment though. 

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