A Universe Trapped in a Labyrinth

This is my boring and interesting and teenager life spanning from age 15 to 18 (May 2015-August 2018)
Within you'll find many re-inventions of myself, boy trouble, school trouble and life trouble. (Plus interesting bits I thought I would include as well).
Do you dare to enter the maze?


4. Growing Pains

Date: Thursday 14th May 2015 19:38

Entry: 4/?

Subject: Growing Pains

Tip/advice: #4 Length does not matter. Short or long diary; entries will always be a beauty.


Adult hood.

“Being an adult is scary.”

“Being an adult is rewarding.”

“Being an adult is actually coming sooner than you think due to how quick the years go by.”

Yeah, well I only want to be an adult to have Netflix and Spotify Premium and the advantages such as that. I do not want to pay taxes or a mortgage or just bills in general. I don’t know what to do with my life for starters. First of all, I don’t see the point in having a set career path; you’re ideals and morals ay change by the time you reach adulthood. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn't have aspirations but I don’t know what job I want to do and I have no idea what I will do when it comes to making those important decisions. All of that is nerve racking.

I want to enjoy my life as it is before such heavy responsibilities weigh on my life. I want to still watch cartoons, I want to sleep until daft ‘o’ clock, I want to go out with my friends and laugh and have so much time on my hands I don’t know what to do.

Adulthood won’t be that bad. And I am sure that it is rewarding and worthy of pride and happiness but I want to stay a kid. I don’t want to grow up. But I have to.

It’s just the pain of growing up, I suppose; and that was the topic of my day at my Grandmas. 

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