The Selfish Ramblings of a Walking Contradiction

I just want to get my thoughts out of my head and into the world to make my mind a bit less cluttered.


1. A Rambler


In person, I am completely different to who I am online.

I have another account on here where I write stories and engage with the community, but this profile will be solely for myself, a little spot for me to squirm in my selfishness.

Today, I've decided that I might start referring to myself as a rambler, but that sounds rather odd and snobby doesn't it?

There are many different definitions of a rambler and I think opening up with a few of these might help me get across who I am a little better before I start unloading all of my crap onto you.


Definition 1: A person who walks in the countryside for pleasure.

I love walking in the countryside and I really love nature.

I love it's beauty, it's peacefulness, it's strength in all humanity throw at it.

I love rambling.

I wish I were more like the countryside and nature. I really wish I could be.


Definition 2: A straggling or climbing rose.

I do straggle through life most of the time. I am pretty much always second best, always left behind and quite often forgotten.

But I've got to keep climbing.

We've got to keep climbing to prove to others we can reach the top.

We've got to keep climbing to help others climb with us.

We've got to keep climbing because we owe it to ourselves to see the beauty when we reach the top.


Definition 3: A person who lacks organisation in his or her speech or writing.

This is me.

I ramble a lot.

I find it very very very hard to get straight to the point of what I want to say and will usually skate around my true words and thoughts as much as possible. 50% of my speech consists of "Erm...", "Er...", "Kind of" or "It's like". I talk a lot of nonsense, nonsense that usually trails off after a few minutes when I realise no-one is listening, and find it extremely hard not to ramble on and on and on.


I could go on but I get quite bored of talking about myself for too long, even if I am relating it to a metaphor, and I've been trying to make this chapter perfect for the past hour.


So here it is; The Selfish Ramblings of a Walking Contradiction.


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