Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fanfic)

What if Elena had a twin sister? Well, in this story she does. Her name is Eliana or Elli. When Eliana moves back home from London, 3 months after her parents death, she finds out that there's more to Mystic Falls than what she thought.

She finally learns about who she is & that she's adopted. But not only that, she also learns about Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Originals, & a doppelgänger, Katherine, who is set on terrorizing her and Elena.

When she comes home, after being away for so long, she is introduced to the Salvatore brothers Stefan & dashing sarcastic, Damon. She finds herself falling for Damon instantly & has to face a sacrifice that will kill her.

But what will happen?

Will Elli confess her love to Damon?!

Will she go through with the sacrifice to save her friends & family?

Or will something happen to her before she can face her fate?

Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fan Fiction Novel)

I DO NOT OWN TVD books & show. Just the characters that I created for this fanfic novel


3. An Old Friend and Protecting Elena

~ Eliana ~


        "Well I guess I'll have to enroll into school tomorrow. What do you think Klaus will try to do anyway? I mean have you seen him at all yet?" I asked.

"Well I don't know about you all, but I could use a drink." Damon said while he walked up to the bar and poured himself a glass of scotch. "Cheers!" and he drank it down.

"Well no but Elijah said that he's not that far away and we have the moonstone hidden at the time being. Well I think I'll take Elena home so we'll see you there Elli?" Stefan asked as they walked to the door.

      "Um... Yeah I'll be right behind you." I said. I heard the door close behind Stefan and Elena. I stood and headed for the door but I ran into Damon on the way out.

He looked at me for a minute and said "I'm really sorry about what happened earlier and I will make up for it. Your welcome here anytime and the uh... kiss, well I'll try and not do that again but I can't promise you anything." he gave me a smirk.

      "Okay thank you and I happened to like the kiss but until next time. Later Damon." was all I said and Damon had a shocked look on his face when I mentioned that I liked the kiss. I could tell that he liked it as much as I had.

        Damon held the door open and I walked out to my car. As I drove off down the street I couldn't help but smile at what just had happened. I couldn't believe what Stefan had told me, and to find out that Caroline Forbes was a vampire because of Katherine not only that but, Tyler Lockwood was a werewolf, not to mention that Bonnie Bennett was a witch. I wondered if Matt and Jeremy knew about this? The only thing I had to do was to keep not only Elena safe but I would have to keep myself safe and how am I going to do that because I'm just human. I'm not a vampire, werewolf, or a witch, but a helpless 'HUMAN'!


          About an hour later I arrived at the Grill and sat in my usual corner booth. I sat there for about five minutes going through pictures of my days in London. Suddenly there was a person standing by my table and I looked up to see Matt.

"Hey Elena! Do you need anything?" Matt asked 

      "Hey Matt I'm not Elena and I'd like a cup of coffee please." Matt looked confused and I hope that he didn't forget about me already.

      "Matt it's me, Eliana. Please don't tell me that you forgot about me. I mean I've-"

"No I didn't forget about you Elli. It's just I didn't think that you were gonna be back. But I'm glad that you are. Why are you back because the last time I seen you was three years ago, and that you and Elena had a bad fight then you were shipped away?" he looked at me sincerely but sounded confused.

        "Matt I'm back now, okay. I would've been back earlier when my parents died but I didn't have enough money to fly back and besides I really didn't think that any of my friends wanted to see me again. But I really don't care anyway. The only reason I'm here is because of my dear sister and the mess she has gotten herself in, yet again." I may have added a little bit of sarcasm at the end.

"I'm sorry that you felt that way, but I did want to see you I just didn't know how to get in contact with you."

      "You could've asked Elena. She knew where I was and she had the address to where I was living."

"What you think that I didn't try because believe me Elli, I asked her and she told me that she had no clue of where your parents shipped you off to. I was gonna ask your folks but she made me promise not to because she was afraid that it might upset them. She also said that you didn't want to talk to any of us." Matt pleaded with me.

        "Well that's Elena for you. I did want to talk to my friends, it's just when I didn't hear from any of you I thought that you all hated me. I was living in London with some family friends. The only reason why I was there was because Elena wanted me gone. She was afraid of losing you to me and she couldn't handle it. So she made sure that I wouldn't be around to ruin things between the two of you. And it obviously worked. But I just don't care anymore, and I'm glad to be back though. I'm happy to see that not all of my friends hate me."

"Elli, I don't hate you I just missed you. I'm sorry about what happened that night and that you left. But I'm glad your back too and I'm sure Ty, Bonnie, and Caroline doesn't hate you either. I have to get back to work before they fire me okay. Will I see you in school tomorrow?" he asked with a smirk.

     "Yeah I'll be in school tomorrow." I said with a ghost of a smile.


          I was awakened by the sound of my alarm clock and I practically had to drag myself out of bed to get ready for school. I picked out my favorite black skinnies and a blood red spaghetti strap mini dress. I went into my bathroom and put on my black eyeshadow and red lip gloss. Before I went downstairs I grabbed my leather jacket and car keys off the bed.
        When I got downstairs Jeremy and Jenna were the only two in the house because Elena must have left with Stefan. Jenna was having a conversation with Jeremy when I walked in. I headed for the fridge and took a bottle of apple juice out.

      "Um... Jer do you want a ride to school today?" I turned and asked him.

"Sure. Are we taking the Impala?" he asked with a grin.

      "Of course, what other car would I take. Elena's car, I think not. Well let's get going. See ya later Aunt Jenna."

          I waved bye to Jenna and we headed for the car.

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