Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fanfic)

What if Elena had a twin sister? Well, in this story she does. Her name is Eliana or Elli. When Eliana moves back home from London, 3 months after her parents death, she finds out that there's more to Mystic Falls than what she thought.

She finally learns about who she is & that she's adopted. But not only that, she also learns about Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Originals, & a doppelgänger, Katherine, who is set on terrorizing her and Elena.

When she comes home, after being away for so long, she is introduced to the Salvatore brothers Stefan & dashing sarcastic, Damon. She finds herself falling for Damon instantly & has to face a sacrifice that will kill her.

But what will happen?

Will Elli confess her love to Damon?!

Will she go through with the sacrifice to save her friends & family?

Or will something happen to her before she can face her fate?

Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fan Fiction Novel)

I DO NOT OWN TVD books & show. Just the characters that I created for this fanfic novel


4. A Call from an Old Friend

We pulled you beside Matt's truck and half of the high schoolers were standing outside. They were all starring at my car and I had a big grin on my face because I knew why they were starring. I grabbed my bag out of the back seat and got out of the car. The starring became worse and they began to whisper.


"Why are they starring at us?" Jeremy whispered to me.


"Their not starring at us, their starring at me. I suppose half of the kids here are new or their just having a little bit of déjà vu."


We walked to the double doors and Jeremy waved bye to me as he left to join his friends. I walked down the hall to the office to transfer my school papers from London to Mystic Falls and then the woman handed me my class schedule.


I went to my assigned locker which was right beside Elena's and took my notebook out of my bag. I shoved my bag into my locker and I turned around, just when I was walking to my first class I collided with someone. I glanced up to see Caroline hatefully glaring at me.


"Ellie, is that you?" she asked puzzled.


"Yes it's me Caroline. I just came back yesterday. Didn't Elena tell you that I was coming back home?"


"No she didn't and why didn't you want any of your friends to contact you? I've been so worried and I've missed you. Why were you sent away anyway?" god she's persistent but a part of me is happy that she missed me.


"It's a long story and I promise I'll tell you about it later but we better get to class." and at that moment the bell rang and we headed to History class.


As I walked in the door everyone in the room went quit. I walked over to the teachers desk when I noticed that he was young and nothing of what I pictured him to be.


"Um.. Mr. Saltzman right?"


"Yes but please call me Ric and who are you?" he asked me with a puzzled look.


"My name is Eliana Gilbert and I'm your new student." I stated with a smirk.


"Well Eliana please take a seat next to Jeremy." he said while he pointed toward the empty seat.


"Please call me Ellie." I stated while I took my seat.


Alaric started the class of with the Battle of Willow Creek. "Well from what I read from Mr. Tanners notes you were discussing the Battle of Willow Creek. There were 346 casualties and 27 civilian casualties, correct? Well since the Founders day celebration is Friday I think that we should build a float to recreate the events surrounding the battle."


The class all agreed and Alaric said "You can get started after school today. Remember you have the next 4 days to have it complete." and after he said that the bell rang. "See you all tomorrow!" he yelled to everyone.




*3rd Person POV*




"Hey Mr. Saltzman I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to bring up my grade?"


"I have to tell you that your other teacher kept a record of your behavior in his class. But I'm not him so I'm gonna wipe the slate clean so... How would you feel about extra credit?"


"Sure anything to get my grade up some." Jeremy was shocked when Alaric threw Mr. Tanner's folder away.




*Eliana's POV*



After grabbing my lunch I see Elena and Caroline waving at me from a corner table in the cafeteria. As I sit down next to Bonnie I listen in on their conversation. It was about the Founders day float and I wanted nothing to do about it since I'm not involved with it.


While I'm eating my lunch I receive a text from Izzy. "Hey Ellie how are you? I hate that your not here but I'll get over it. So what's new and have you met any guys yet?" asked Izzy.


"Hey Izzy it's great to hear from and I hate that I'm not there too but I have to help my sister. Yes I have met someone and his name is Damon Salvatore. The first day we met I was attacked by him and then he kissed me." I smiled as I texted back while I remembered the incident.


"Well is he a good kisser or what?"


"Izzy! You know that I don't kiss and tell. Oh what the hell. Yes he's a great kisser and he is very handsome. When I get a picture of him I'll send it to you. Hey I gotta go but we'll chat later bye." I put my phone in my bag while I took my lunch tray and dumped it.


Heading out of the cafeteria I bumped into Jeremy. "Hey Ellie I won't be needing a ride home today okay?"


"Sure okay. I wasn't going home anyway. But why don't you need a ride?" I asked kinda puzzled.


"Oh because I'm going to the library to do some extra credit report for Alaric's class. Why aren't you going home?" he explained.


"Oh I was gonna go to the Grill for awhile. So if you see Stefan or Elena let them know that's where I'll be kay." is all I said. We said bye to each other and I headed toward my car. When I got to the parking lot I saw Matt checking out my car.


"This is a Chevy Impala isn't it? It looks just like the one they use in *Supernatural*. Where did you get this car?" he asked while not taking his eyes away from the car.


"She's a beauty isn't she? It's a replica of the one they use on the show and I got her in D.C. at a classic car shop. I paid a pretty penny for her too." I told him.


"I'm sure you did. I wish I could afford a car like this instead of my rickety old truck." he sadly said.


"Hey I happen to like your old rickety old truck. If I can recall we had a lot of good memories in that truck." I explained.


"Yeah I guess we did huh. Well I gotta go so I guess I'll see you tomorrow. See ya Elli." he said as hopped into his truck before leaving.

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