youtuber school book 1


2. my dorm room

i walked on the step,i looked and saw.............pewdiepie and stampy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg im his biggest fan!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol lol lol.i walked to the front door and suddenly a paper ball hit my head,sh*t!

i looked back and saw lord minion! uuhhh,gosh he's such a jerk! anyways  markiplier walked by,and saw the paper ball hit my head!! he looked at me with my suitcase on the ground and picked it up and asked me:"are you new?" gosh,sooner mark told me he was my room mate!omg yes!!!!!!!i found out there are 6 ppl in each room, it was him,me,Ian,Anthony,stampy and lee!!all my favs oh wait it was not lee it was Taylor.all boys oh wait not Ian and Anthony, it was pewds and swoozie gosh again with the boys.....soon i opened up my cam and said:"hey guys lol with mark here im gonna get my stuff from the desk and go!!see ya.


i got to my room omg all the boys shot up just looking at me oh ya pewds was looking at my bweebs!!!!oo <-bweebs lol!!

swoozie was looking at my suitcase, Taylor seemed to read his mind and said:"clothing,makeup and condoms"

i looked at everyone and said:"nope,video games!!!!!"swoozie,stampy,Taylor,mark and pewds looked at me and swoozie said:"your kidding""nope"as i opened my suitcase to show him,all video games,controllers and toys....


*message from me*

oh gosh tnxs guys for getting me this much veiws tnx!!!:) i luv u all

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