This is the prequel to Powers by Kate Bevans, following the story of Jo Freskott, Beki's great-grandma, when she was 13 years old, before global warming took its toll on the world.

Jo is your average 13 year old girl- obsessed with her friends, hated by the popular cliché, and annoyed by her parents. But all that's about to change.

When global warming has its first impacts on the Earth, people are taken to labs to try to genetically engineer mutants that will continue the human race.
Jo is one of those people. Given feathery black wings to help her fly away from the storms and leave the disasters of the ground for the air, Jo is expected to be one of those people who leaves the Earth to its own problems, but there's s problem. Jo and her dark winged twin, Mark, have to take care of their little brother.

Plunged into a world of risk and radiation, Jo's life is turned upside down.


2. Sweet and Sour

"What do you want Jamie," I glare. He tilts his head at me, fair hair falling around his sweet face endearingly. "Will you play Match cards with me?" He asks. 

Sighing, I lean my head against the door frame. Jamie is so sweet, and yet so irritating. He can't do anything by himself, but he just wants company. 

He's my little brother. At seven years old- Jamie es siete años- he's still the nicest person I know.

"No, Jamie, I don't want to play Match cards," I groan, knowing that soon the tears would start and- there they are- I'd give in.

"Oh, no, Jamie, don't cry," I bend down to hug him. His blue eyes are filled with tears as he tries to stifle them and be strong, like I've told him to.

"But you never play with me," he sniffles. "Never! One time... please." He looks up at me through his eye lashes, and I give in.

"Fine," I groan. "One time. That's it. Now how do we even play this blasted game?" I mutter. Bounding further into his room, Jamie turns round and grins, the tears gone as quickly as they appeared. "I don't know!" He laughs.              "We're gonna play Twister! Mark gave me the idea of tricking you with Match cards." He looked smug. I face palm as I realise that I should have know what was going to happen- Mark not annoying me since he got home? That would only mean one thing.


Revenge for me telling Jose and Jesse about how he fell over skiing that time and went back to the chalet instead of continuing.

"Damnation," I utter softly. Jamie hears anyway.

"Jo, I though mum told you not to swear." He says.

"Yeah, Jo," I look up and see my brother leaning against the door frame that leads into Jamie's playroom. "I thought mum told you not to swear." Smirking back at Mark, I toss my hair. 

"Ah, you got it wrong. She told you not to swear, and me to smile and look pretty. Jeez, Mark, getting old? Thinking you're me now?" 

He narrowed his eyes slightly and was about to reply when Jamie called us. 

"Jo, Mark, it's ready!" He bounced out excitedly, not noticing the tension surrounding us twins.

Yes. Twins. You heard me. Mark and I are twins. We have been since we were born 13 years and 9 months ago. We have the same multi-coloured eyes, honey blonde hair, and are nearly the same height. Mark's that bit taller. But I was born first so... But yes, the reason we look so alike is not because we're siblings- Jamie doesn't look that much like us! His jawline is softer, his whole body less lean, his eyes light as a result of mum divorcing Mark and I's dad and marrying Jamie's father. 

But that doesn't mean that the sibling bond is weaker because, let's face it, if we didn't share the same blood, Mark and I would hate each other.

But Jamie, back to the cherub-sweet wuss of my little half brother. He can be devious, if he's following someone else's plan, but otherwise he'll cry to get what he wants, and he wants a lot. 


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