This is the prequel to Powers by Kate Bevans, following the story of Jo Freskott, Beki's great-grandma, when she was 13 years old, before global warming took its toll on the world.

Jo is your average 13 year old girl- obsessed with her friends, hated by the popular cliché, and annoyed by her parents. But all that's about to change.

When global warming has its first impacts on the Earth, people are taken to labs to try to genetically engineer mutants that will continue the human race.
Jo is one of those people. Given feathery black wings to help her fly away from the storms and leave the disasters of the ground for the air, Jo is expected to be one of those people who leaves the Earth to its own problems, but there's s problem. Jo and her dark winged twin, Mark, have to take care of their little brother.

Plunged into a world of risk and radiation, Jo's life is turned upside down.


1. Hola, me llamo Jo.


Hola, me llamo Jo. Tengo trece anos. Vivo en la casa blanca en Angleterre....

The words spiral hazily around my head. I need a break from all this homework, so I grab my iPad from the bed and open up Instagram. Scrolling through too many pictures of cute dogs, Lolzcats, various photos of synchronised jumping into swimming pools (mostly Scarlette and her obnoxious sidekicks) and, worst of all, my best friends- Saffy, Holi and Evey- on holiday in Greece, without me. It's not their fault, Evey did ask if I could come, but my mum said that I needed to stay home and study.

 Jeez. Seriously, can't a girl have fun anymore? Sighing, I chuck the iPad back onto that manga cushion I made in Tech and run downstairs. I need an ice cream.

A few minutes later, running back up to my room, cookie dough ice cream in hand, I flop onto my bed and crack open the lid with my spoon. Lifting out the first succulent mouthful, I'm just about to eat it when my brother calls me.


"Joooo!" he shouts "Joooooooo!!"

Rolling my eyes at him, I'm just about to continue when my mum calls out.

"Jo! Don't ignore your brother- help him!"

Glaring at the unfairness of it, I stow away my untouched ice cream and go to help my younger sibling.


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