How i met 6 amazing people

This story is about a girl who made 2 friends on the internet one friend was like her mother and the other was like her sister. Then suddenly everything changed after a small concert. WHat do u think to find out 5 boys and 3 girls sorry guys it's cimran sorry I had to close my account to phone problems but I'm gonna continue six new amazing people


4. your pregnant ??

Next morning Daisy's pov

Last night was horrible with Ashton I thought he was a good person but turns out no I feel so sick. I quickly run to the toilet and throw up. Suddenly someone comes up behind me and rubs small circles on my back and I got goosebumps by the persons touch I turned to see it was Calum.

Calum: babe r u ok???

Daisy: I don't know babe I feel so sick

Calum: ok here let me help u with that Calum carried me to our room in the hotel room it was huge and laid me on the bed

Calum: guys get in here

Alex: yeah what's up

Luke:Daisy honey u don't look so good

Alex: yeah what happened Calum did u do something

Daisy: no guys I'm feeling really sick

Lola: right so we should try to make u feel better by letting u have a lazy day in bed while we do everything

Daisy:no I but was cut off by Alex

Alex: no buts and nos

Calum pov

Luke can I talk to I for a sec

Luke: yeah what up

Calum: I think Daisy is pregnant

Luke: what how can u say that

Calum: but luke she slept in Ashton's room and now all of a sudden she is sick

Luke: u have a point though but let Daisy explain before anything

Calum: ok

Daisy's pov

Calum came in with Luke

Calum: hey baby how r u feeling

Daisy: not so good

Calum: aeww I'm sorry can we go to the doctors maybe it will be good

Daisy: yeah I think to

Skip to the convo with the doc

Doc: ok so I'm just gonna say it ur pregnant congrats

Daisy: what ???

Calum: what????

Doc: yeah ur 2 weeks

Daisy: this can't be happening

Doc: believe it or not it is

Back to the hotel

The car ride was silent we went back to the hotel I didn't speak to anyone including Calum didn't eat or drink. We went on the bed and fell asleep but not like we used to with cuddles and kisses. But I'm scared who's baby is it sure me and Calum almost did it but this sant be Ashton's baby

Sorry guys for taking long for the chapters I'm just busy with things but umm please read it's really good love ya

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