How i met 6 amazing people

This story is about a girl who made 2 friends on the internet one friend was like her mother and the other was like her sister. Then suddenly everything changed after a small concert. WHat do u think to find out 5 boys and 3 girls sorry guys it's cimran sorry I had to close my account to phone problems but I'm gonna continue six new amazing people


5. the truth

In the bedrooms

Calum pov

OMG she's pregnant what are we gonna do????

We can't have a baby and worst it's Ashton's

Fuck I thought

Me and Daisy went on the bed and fell asleep but not like we used to:(

Suddenly I hear sniffling I knew for a fact that Daisy couldn't resist my cuddles. So I quickly rapped my arms around her waist and she instantly turned and looked at me with red puffy eyes.

Calum:babe what's wrong

Daisy: Calum I've been hiding something from you

Calum: what babe tell me

Daisy: no Calum you will leave me and hate me I don't need that.

Calum:never say that I promise

Daisy:ok the other day when I slept in Ashton's room he made me have sex with him and he said he would hurt you'll if I didn't

Daisy's pov

Daisy:ok the other day when I slept in Ashton's room he made me have sex with him and he said he would hurt you'll if I didn't

Calum:what????why didn't you tell me

Daisy:Calum plz calm down babe

Calum: no I won't that motherfucker did this to you I'll show him with that he left and ran to Ashton's room

Michaels and Lola's pov

Me and Lola were cuddling when we heard

what????why didn't you tell me

Calum plz calm down babe

no I won't that motherfucker did this to you I'll show him

We knew something was wrong so we hurried to likes and Alex is room and knocked in the doors they opened up and I grabbed Luke and ran to Calum and Daisy's room where me and Luke found Daisy sitting on the ground and lying there like a ball.

Luke pov

Me and Michael walked into Calum and Daisy's room to see Daisy lying on the floor like a ball she was crying.we picked her and put her on the bed and I called Alex and Lola in the room.

Alex pov

We ran in and asked what happened

Daisy: Ashton forced me to have sex and I got pregnant


Daisy: now Calum is gone and with that we all heard banging and crashing

Luke and Michael quickly ran to see Calum and Ashton fighting with each other.

Daisy pov

Alex Lola and Michael i love you guys and Luke a lot but I wanna go home and have the baby. I can't take this anymore

Everybody:no!!!!!!what why??????

Suddenly before I could Anwser Luke walked in with Ashton and Calum holding them and there was blood dripping a bruises everywhere on both faces.

Calum and Ashton: were sorry

Aston: I'm sorry I made did this to u I just really loved u

Daisy:Ashton I'm not the only fish in the sea there are other girls.

Cakum:babe I'm really sorry I overreacted I'm happy we're having this baby he said while hugging me.

Daisy:no Calum I love you but I'm not having this baby with you im going back home I have caused enough trouble. I'm sorry.

Calum pov

What no there were so many things in my mind she can't I love her she can't leave

Calum:Daisy plz but got cutting of by Daisy saying that she is leaving tomorrow.

Daisy:it's for the best and then you can live a normal life all of you then u don't have to be a dad:)

Calum:no I want to be there for our child so what if it's Ashton's I will always love him or her.

Calum: no Calum I have to now goodnight guys I love u with that she got under the covers and fell asleep.

Everyone walked the room and said goodnight I shut the door and went to my corner and stared crying.

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