How i met 6 amazing people

This story is about a girl who made 2 friends on the internet one friend was like her mother and the other was like her sister. Then suddenly everything changed after a small concert. WHat do u think to find out 5 boys and 3 girls sorry guys it's cimran sorry I had to close my account to phone problems but I'm gonna continue six new amazing people


3. love and trust!!!!

The next morning

Daisy's pov

I woke up to someone's tight grip on my waist and opened my eyes and saw Calum. I kissed his lips and he instantly woke up

Calum: wow if I get this every morning I would love to wake up then.

Daisy: hahah very funny trying to be romantic but not working.

Calum: hey Daisy I'm sorry for yesterday I should have believed you babe I........

Daisy: no Calum I love u and please let's just forget this babe shit happens:)

Calum; right

Skip to brekfast

Alex pov

All of us were in the lounge except for Calum and Daisy.

Calum stop babe your turning me on I heard Daisy say all of out heads shot up and I looked at Ashton he looked hurt.

Daisy's pov

Morning guys I said and walked in with Calum

Everybody: morning

Luke: so what's the plan for today guys????

Michael:how about we all chill by the pool

Lola: haha Michael nice try but u can't see me in my new bikini

Michael: please babe plz plz


Calum: see Atleast Lola cares about her boyfriend.

Daisy: oh Calum the inly thing u can do is complain

Skip to the pool

Calum's pov

Calum: babe hurry up or I will drag u naked

Daisy: oh ok then I assume it's ok if others check me out right

Calum: no you're mine

Daisy: what???

I get close to her and grab her by her waist and whisper in her ear ur mine only mine with that I bite her hear and she screamed in pain

Daisy: Calum that is so not but was cut off by my lips smashed up against hers.

Ashton pov

WTF is taking them so long

Luke; ash can u check what's taking them so long

Ashton: sure I get to Calum's room and I regret seeing what I saw

Daisy and Calum on the bed but with their swimming trunks and bikinis on

Ashton:umm guys

Calum: what do u want now

Ashton: eerrrrnm to actually come cause everybody is waiting

Oh right Daisy said getting of Calum and rushing out of the room

Calum: Ashton this what it doing isn't going to work she loves me

Ashton: Calum what do u mean

Calum: Ashton I heard u taking To Michael and Luke you can't make her yours plz don't ruin our relationship.

Lola's pov

Daisy came with her stuff to the pool

Lola: hey what took u so long

Alex: yeah!!

Daisy: nothing just umm my mom skyped me.

Lola : oh ok I could tell that she was lying but decided to talk to her later.

When everybody was at the pool

Luke: guys we are the only people here let's play a game

Ashton: truth or dare

All: yeah

Ok Calum truth or dare Lola asked me

Dare I said ok I dare you to let Daisy sleep with Ashton today just be night

Holy fuck I thought

Lola: if u say no ur the chicken

Calum: fine!!!!!

Skip to the night

Daisy's pov

Calum: goodnight babe I trust u

Daisy: Calum I promise nothing will happen and if it bothers u so much just tell Lola no!

Calum: ni it's fine I love u he'd said kissing me passionately

Our romantic or cute moment was interrupted by Ashton

Ashton:uummm time for bed

Calum: yeah we know and irwin hands off my girl or I will chop ur balls and feed them to u

Daisy:CALUM !!!!

Ashton: don't worry babe I'll make sure that u won't moan loud tonight

Calum: wtf r u taking about

Daisy: ok cal goodnight babe I love u

I walked into Ashton room and he shut the door

Daisy: Ashton hat r u doing

Ashton: oh Daisy I'm gonna make it clear I love u and want u so damn much that I can't stop myself so have sec with me tonight and don't tell cal cusses I know u want me and if u day no I will still do it and hurt someone u love

Daisy: I thought u were a nice guys but no fine but plz don't let Calum know about this I said while tears fell I had to do this u didn't want anybody hurt.

Hi guys sorry if it took long for me to make a new chapter but I've been having lots of problems lately well and yeah that's it anyways I need a new name for a boys character plz comment on what u want it to be and his personality google+ me if u want my name is Cimran Francis love ya

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