How i met 6 amazing people

This story is about a girl who made 2 friends on the internet one friend was like her mother and the other was like her sister. Then suddenly everything changed after a small concert. WHat do u think to find out 5 boys and 3 girls sorry guys it's cimran sorry I had to close my account to phone problems but I'm gonna continue six new amazing people


6. leaving

Daisy's pov

I woke up to the Smell of bacon I got up and went into the mini kitchen to see everybody awake and all healthy breakfast on the table fuits

Sallad soup and other stuff I was shocked

Daisy: hey guys what's all this

Alex: oh just something healthy for the baby:)

Daisy: ok umm Alex first did u and Luke do the booking for my tickets and two where is Calum

Alex: yes and he went somewhere Daisy I don't think but I cut her off by saying

Daisy: plz Alex I want to go

Ok was all Alex could say.

At the airport

My bags at packed everything is ready and five minutes are left till check in I turn around a hug everybody bit I'm really sad that Calum isn't here. And then I hear that I have to check in

Daisy: ok bye guys I love you'll sorry fr any problem that I caused Daisy and Lola were crying The guys also had tears I'm their eyes I hugged them one last time and stared waking .

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and smashed their lips into mine I opened my eyes to see it was Calum. I kissed back he then broke the kiss and started crying. I told him that he will be the father of my child even if he looked like Ashton and that I will never forget them.

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