How i met 6 amazing people

This story is about a girl who made 2 friends on the internet one friend was like her mother and the other was like her sister. Then suddenly everything changed after a small concert. WHat do u think to find out 5 boys and 3 girls sorry guys it's cimran sorry I had to close my account to phone problems but I'm gonna continue six new amazing people


1. jealousy and date

Ashton pov

I was so heart broken but still smiled. I was making breakfast when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me when I turned to see it was Daisy she had a big smile on her face

Ashton: hey why you so happy:)

Daisy: nope I not telling you:( I can't ash please

Ashton: please bestieee

Daisy: ok fine Calum is taking me on a date

Ashton: oh was all I could say.

Daisy pov

Oh was all he could say

Daisy: see I told you I shouldn't have told you you're not even happy I said turning around to walk away by got grabbed by my wrist.

And pulled into a hug

Ashton: I'm sorry Daisy I'm so happy for you

Daisy: really:)

Ashton: yes yes:)

I was so glad that Ashton was happy for me and stopped trying to get into my pants.:)

Calum pov

I heard Ashton and Daisy talking Ashton is so trying to get her to become his but not happening cause she likes me. I saw the looks on his face when I entered the kitchen.

Calum: hi babe

Daisy: morning Hun

Calum: morning ash

Ashton: morning and rolled his eyes.

What the fuck is wrong with him.

Luke's pov

I woke up to the smell of bacon and Alex jumping on the bed.

Alex: Luke get up

Luke: no hmmm no

Alex: get up

Luke: only if I get a kiss

Alex: fine

She smashed her lips into mine and felt I the fireworks.she then backed away

Alex: ok now get up lazy bum.

Luke: fine

Daisy's pov

Morning Luke said walking in with Alex when they saw me on Calum's lap they gave me a confused look

Luke: umm sis you and Calum a thing.

Calum: no not yet Calum said smirking.

Daisy: what do you mean by not yet??

Calum: you'll see

Omg what did he mean was he going to ask me to be his girlfriend or what? I'm so confused!!!???

Alex pov

I didn't know what Calum meant but decided to shrug I off.

Daisy: hey guys have you'll seen Lola and Michael

Alex: no why???

Daisy: where r they.

Luke: they are having breakfast Luke says looking at his phone.

Daisy: wow that's romantic.:)

Calum: please I can also be romantic

Everybody have Calum a look which meant are you jealous or what.

Calum's pov

Oops I did something wrong why did I have to open my big mouth?

Calum: guys I'm sor........ I was cut off by Michael walking in hand in hand with Lola and said

Michael: morning suckers

Lola: Michael!!! She said hitting his arm he looked at her and have her the puppy dog eyes.

Lola: seriously I'm not going for that she said while hugging Alex and Daisy.

Michaels pov

I saw Daisy sitting on Calum's lap I just wanted to hit him after what Luke told me he and Ashton did to her made me want to kill them. I'm not in love with Daisy I love Lola but after what Luke Alex and Lola told me about Daisy's life I felt bad so we all four decided that Luke and I would step up and be the brothers while Daisy was here and forever.:)

Michael: Sis you and cal a thing

Daisy: first of all no and second sis??

Michael: yeah me and Luke are your big brothers and if anyone does anything to you me and Luke are going to have to kill them I said looking at Calum and Ashton. They both looked scared.

Ashton pov

yeah me and Luke are your big brothers and if anyone does anything to you me and Luke are going to have to kill them Michael said looking at me then Calum.

I was scared.

Skip to the date

This was my dress

Daisy's pov

Daisy you look beautiful Calum said opening the door for me. The girls Charlotte and Jen waved to me

Daisy: thanks well the girls helped me so.

Calum: but you're just so beautiful

I smiled thanks

Skip to the asking to be his girlfriend part

Calum stopped the car we got out he took my hand and led me to a garden there was a blanket and some champagne. After we drank some champagne and watched the starts Calum said

Calum's pov

I said

Calum's:Daisy I fell in love with you since the day we met every time you walk by you take my breath away you're beautiful everything about you

I got on one knee and stated again

Calum:not asking to marry me we will do that after a few years I said laughing. Her face lit up when I said that.

Daisy pov

I was so happy that Calum said that he believes that he is going to be there with me he believes we are going to get married

Calum: Daisy will you be a Calum girl and let me spoil you he said laughing

Daisy:no I said his face was priceless he was upset I tried to hold back my laughter but couldn't

Calum:oh umm ok......

Daisy: Calum yes I will be a Calum girl but I won't let you spoil me.....

Before I could say anything he cut me off by a kiss and sliding the promise a ring on my finger it said

Calum and Daisy forever he put his on also so we both had one.

While we were watching the stars I said

Daisy: Calum

Calum: yeah he said smiling

Daisy: I think I'm in love with you

Calum: me too:)

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