I love you <H~S>

This is about Delany
She has dark red hair with purple at the end
And green eyes
She suffers from anxiety,and depression
She has no one
Who will save Delany?


3. date part 1

Delany's outfit


Delany's pov-

Holy asdfghjkl

Harry just asked me out

He is just so sweet and nice even thou we just met

I put a simply yet tumblrish outfit

And then there's a knock on the door

I open the door to a cute Harry wearing a tux with a rose with him

Awww he is so cute

Harry's pov-

I knock on her door with a rose in my hand

When she opens the door she look gorgeous

I couldn't take my eyes off her

I had a whole date planned

I'll take her to the lake on the other side of town and have a picnic

Then we'll watch the sun set

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