A story set in the not-so-distant future, where global warming has taken over the world and everything has changed. Follow the story of Tor and Kris, a girl and a boy fresh from the horrors, and Kat and her gang, who, generations later, have evolved unusually.
Can you learn to survive in an apocalyptic world?


6. THEN-Tor

Where am I? I hear Kris calling my name, but it sounds like he's underwater. Muted. My head hurts. I hear Kris....where am I? This is all wrong. I'm not meant to be underground, I'm meant to be in the open air. I hear someone crying. I wonder why they're crying, but my head hurts. Wrong? Kris? Who's Kris? I don't know Kris. That's funny. Underwater. Fish. I like fish. My name....what's my name again? Victoria. No, that's not it. Vicky? Toria? Name stick---Tor. Yes, Tor. I like Tor. Where is she? Underground. Underground? Kris. Hello? Fish! Sleep now. 

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