A story set in the not-so-distant future, where global warming has taken over the world and everything has changed. Follow the story of Tor and Kris, a girl and a boy fresh from the horrors, and Kat and her gang, who, generations later, have evolved unusually.
Can you learn to survive in an apocalyptic world?


2. THEN-Tor

Aw, jeez. Another alarm. What's happened now? I rush to the screen, fingers flying over the one keyboard in this hell-hole.  Seriously? ANOTHER tsunami? I just repaired my roof. It's not even meant to leak, but with this much water on a basically weekly basis, I'm not surprised. Nothing could surprise me after two years in this concrete dungeon. Oh yeah, apart from electricity. It shocked me that we have it stored in reserve, but only enough to power this stupid computer because it has to be on 24/7, just in case. The lights and stuff are battery-powered.


I swing over to Kris on my spinny chair with wheels, one of the few things I like about this place. 

"Sup, Kris?"

"Hi, Tor. Not much. Usual claustrophobia, nausea, depression and internal screaming brought on by your arrival!"

"You little-" I lunge for his throat but he laughs and swats me away. I flick my blond hair in his face and scoot back my desk, focused on the screen. Another alarm thingy is flashing, in the corner. I click tentatively on it. This is my job; analysing whether the latest horror will affect our little underground community. Usually not, but just in case....Oh no. No. Nononono. The worst possible thing that could happen to an underground bunker....and it doesn't happen often.


"Earthquake!" I scream at Kris. I hastily push the alarm button and glance at Kris. Our eyes lock for one terrible second before the world comes crashing down around me.

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