A story set in the not-so-distant future, where global warming has taken over the world and everything has changed. Follow the story of Tor and Kris, a girl and a boy fresh from the horrors, and Kat and her gang, who, generations later, have evolved unusually.
Can you learn to survive in an apocalyptic world?


8. THEN-Lily

I hate earthquakes. The last one we had was about a year ago, but that was nothing compared to this. I stride through the broken chairs, sobbing people,until I reach room 24, the room I was called to. Some girl had a light fall on her. Nasty. 

I don't see how bad it is until I open the door, though. She's lying on the floor, pale as death, with eyes closed and-

Oh. A large cut on her temple is seeping blood everywhere. And a boy is crying softly by her side. 

I rush over to him and her, and get out  a wad to stop the bleeding. I turn to the boy.

"Hello. I'm Lily. Can you tell me your name,please?"

"Kris. Please, help her, I can't live without her, she can't die-"

"Ok, dear, what's her name?" I know it's weird,saying dear, but using endearments help calm people down.


At that minute Tor opens her eyes very wide and shouts "Fish!"

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