A story set in the not-so-distant future, where global warming has taken over the world and everything has changed. Follow the story of Tor and Kris, a girl and a boy fresh from the horrors, and Kat and her gang, who, generations later, have evolved unusually.
Can you learn to survive in an apocalyptic world?


9. NOW-Stephy

The firelight shines on our faces. We had a good turnout this evening, about 20 people! Beki looks miserable, as always. She'd rather be home, reading her little stash of salvaged books, than with us, her friends. That hurts. I like Beki. My mind turns to the latest gossip in Skyggevann: the new boy, who right now is in the infirmary, being inspected by Sofia, our doctor. 

"I heard that Georgie's friend, y'know, Issi, has stayed with him the whole time!"

"Yeah, I know, and apparently the last word he said was Issi...do you think he likes her?"

"Likes her? Of course he likes her. She's a nice girl."

"Oh, Sara, not like that. We mean like like her."

"Oooooooooooh. I get it now."

"Leave off the poor boy, he's only just arrived, he's probably dying of some unknown illness and you lot are talking about whether he has a crush on Issi or not!" Maddy admonishes. 

"He's not dying of an unknown illness, he said it himself: J-I-I-1!"


Abi, very quietly, mumbles "I don't think we should be gossiping about poor Ben. He actually could be dying..."

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