Dear Joe

Hello Joe,
I'm writing to you again. At least that's what my therapist told me to do. He said, "Talk to the person you are having negative feelings towards." He meant write it down in a stupid journal. My parents told me I had to, but I don't want to. So here I am, writing, but for what? You won't know what the hell I'm feeling or saying to you. You were my best friend. Where are you now?


10. The Snowy Breakout


Maxine's POV

    It's the first week of winter break and I'm sorta excited for Christmas this year. I haven't been excited about Christmas for a while so this is different for me. I like being happy on Christmas it feels good to not be sulking in my room while the ornaments are being put up. I love the cold weather and watching the snowflakes fall onto the ground turning everything white. I love sitting in front of the blazing fire with all the lights off and watching a good movie. Sipping on hot chocolate next to the people you love. I remember when me and Joe would drink spiked hot chocolate and watch cheesy Christmas movies. I remember one year he actually stayed on Christmas day. 

                                                                                                          Christmas 2013

   "Joe and Maxine come down here so we can open up presents!" My mom yells from downstairs. We both run downstairs thumping our way down. I jump off the last two steps and run into the living room with him right next to me. We sit down next to the Christmas tree while my mom takes a BUNCH of pictures. I don't complain because it's Christmas and I love it. My mom and dad pass out the presents it's funny that my parents get him presents like he's my brother, he's family. I'm lame I just got him a shirt and a video game. I wonder what he got me. I look at the all the presents around me and watch Joe tearing open his. He looks like a little kid and it's cute. I grab one of mine and open it, some notebooks for me to draw in and a couple of books. After a few minutes all our presents are opened. I got clothes which is perfectly fine with me. Joe got a bunch of boy things and he loves the shirt I got him. I start to pick up all the wrapping paper covering the floor when I see a small present under the tree. "You guys missed one over here let me see whose it is." Joe stares at me at smiles, "It's yours." I start to tear open the paper and I see a little box. I flip the box lid open and it reveals a shimmering necklace. It's a beautiful silver with a sun charm hanging on the end of it. "It's beautiful, really beautiful, but why a sun charm?" I look up at him and his smile fades. "Ever since I met you all you've done is brighten my days. Even on the cloudy ones where I don't think there will be any light shining through there suddenly is. It's always you, you're my very own sun." I stand up and sit next to him. I put my arms out and wrap him in them. "I don't know what I ever did to deserve you." I tell him holding back tears. I let go of him and move my hair forward. "Put it on! You did buy it for me to wear right?" He takes the necklace out of the box and unclips it. He moves his hands with the necklace in front of my face. The necklace slides against my neck and he clips it back. "All done you're good to go." He says and claps my back. "Do you guys want breakfast? I was making pancakes while you guys were being sappy." My mom says while she places hot coco on the table. One for me and one for Joe. We sit down and slurp down our drink and eat our steamy pancakes. I look out the window at the snowy scene outside. I start to wonder how life could be so good. 


    Maxine's POV

    I step out of my daydream and look over at the tv. The weatherman says there's a huge storm coming in and it's best to stay indoors. We'll be snowed into our houses most likely he says. My mind wonders over to how Frank, my English teacher is doing. I wonder if he's at home safe watching tv and warm. I start to worry since we're sitting in a restaurant and not at home. I just hope we'll be safe.

Frank's POV

    I look out at the road, but I can barely see it. I flip on the radio and just my luck there's a snowstorm! That's just fantastic where am I going to go? I'm so far away from home and I don't know anywhere else to stay. I see some sort of building up ahead so I pull in to park. I don't even know what this place is and I'm worried it will be abandoned and I'll be fucked. I walk up to the door and it's not abandoned at all actually there's a ton of people inside. I open the door and warmth greets me as I walk in. I scan over the room and no one knows how bad it is outside, that we'll probably be stuck here for a while. The hostess sees me and comes over to seat me at a table. Okay it's a restaurant I'm hungry so that's a good thing. She grabs a menu and walks me over to my table smiling at me the whole way like women always do. Sadly they're only looking at how "handsome" I appear to be, once they see my insides they don't stick around. I sit down and look at the menu. I decide to get fish and chips for some reason it sounds good. I put down my menu and look at the people at the booth in front of me. They look so happy. My phone buzzes so I pull it out to check it. It's an email from the school saying to do something but I don't care to read it right now. I put my phone down and look up only to lock eyes with someone comfortably familiar. Those big pretty green eyes which belong to Maxine. She stares at me as if she's looking at a river and she's dying of thirst. I wave at her and smile and she gives me a big smile back. I feel my body warm at the sight of her smiling. I don't want to think this way and I can't do this. I'm only playing with my emotions because I know that it's wrong and it would never happen. 

    I get up and head over to the bathroom. I walk into the men's door and go to the sink. I turn the knob and splash water on my face. I look up at myself in the mirror I run my hand over my stubble and it reminds me I need to shave. Maybe I'll just let it grow out a little. I wipe off my face a little bit so it won't be dripping wet when I go to my booth. I turn around and open the door but see her standing against the wall in front of me. My mind goes blank and I just stand there looking at her like a creepy old man. "I wanted to say hi at least. It's funny seeing you here I was expecting you would be at home. Pretty silly of you to be out here in a blizzard." I still can't come up with any words to say so I stare at somewhere other than her. Although it's hard not to because she looks nice wearing a baby blue sweater dress thing. It compliments her wildly orange reddish hair which is up in a ponytail. Some strands of her hair are out of the ponytail and are falling against her face. "Yeah I'm pretty dumb." I manage to get out but really is it that hard to say that? "Well I'll see you later I guess." I say and turn to go because my thoughts are going where they can't. "Wait." I turn back around and check to see if anyone is coming. We're both in a room so I think we should be okay. "I thanked you for what you did a few days ago but that didn't seem like enough. I wanted to tell you something the day you gave me back my jacket but I didn't want to creep you out." I highly doubt you could creep me out but you could give it a try. "You made me forget about my life the whole time I was with you. I haven't been able to forget about being me for a long time. I wanted to thank you for doing that for me. I hope I did some good for you too." 

   I stand there looking at her under the bright light hanging from the ceiling. "I always feel lonely. I live in a house too big for one man and you somehow filled up all the emptiness within it. You did some good for me too, thank you." Now leave before she slaps you across your face. 

Maxine's POV

    I feel my heart swell up and I'm sure it isn't actually but it feels like it. I let myself get lost and fall into the moment he created. I put aside how weird it is and how this could end badly for both of us and just let go. I see the door start to open so I move away from him. I wait until the woman walks away to look up at him. "I'll see you after the break." I say and walk away touching his hand as I walk away. I've never felt so alive. 

Frank's POV

   My hand suddenly tingles from her touching it. That time with her was the weirdest but greatest moment I've had for a while. I turn around and leave the room filled up with her.  I walk back to my booth and sit down. My food is here and still hot by the steam coming out of it. I begin to eat my food to distract myself from thoughts of Maxine. I am curious as to how I'll get home. I look up and she's still there of course since we're trapped. I look down at the table and think of other things. I should probably read that email. 

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