Dear Joe

Hello Joe,
I'm writing to you again. At least that's what my therapist told me to do. He said, "Talk to the person you are having negative feelings towards." He meant write it down in a stupid journal. My parents told me I had to, but I don't want to. So here I am, writing, but for what? You won't know what the hell I'm feeling or saying to you. You were my best friend. Where are you now?


8. Out After Hours

    Maxine's POV 

    I walked through the house, the sun went down and now there's a ton of people, I can't stress the word ton enough. Some already started drinking the "punch" which was very much spiked. The music is pounding and I can't help but to wonder if Mr. Geller can hear it. I walk around and watch girls start taking off their clothes while dancing and guys staring at them like animals. Some girls stand in the corner with a red cup, but most are dancing or making out with boys. I walk into what I think is the kitchen, I see a bottle of alcohol but I can't tell what it is because the label is ripped off. I grab a cup and fill it up all the way to the top, fuck it. I keep wondering around the house just watching the party happen. 

    I downed the alcohol quickly, it must've been strong because I already feel drunk. A song comes on and I don't even know what it is at this point. I start dancing to the beat but I'm probably not even on beat. I grab another cup and down it too, might as well get completely trashed. I dance around the house, but I quickly realize I'm not actually having fun. I start heading towards the door and I hear Kristy's voice. I look over to see her and Caleb kissing, guess she got her wish. I get to the door and turn the doorknob, absolutely everyone is inside the house and I can hear the music from outside. I head towards my car, I can barely walk how am I going to drive home. I'm smarter than this I can't drive home plastered I could kill someone. Suddenly everything starts turning black, I hear a familiar voice but I can't tell who it is. Am I passing out? I fall down to the floor but instead of feeling the floor I feel nice warm arms. 

    "I knew you'd catch me Joe." 


    Frank Geller's POV

    "No I'm not Joe. You're so wrecked you can't drive home Maxine. I told you to be safe." I'm glad I was just getting home or she could've hit her head hard and possibly died. Or worse tried to drive home and kill a person and most likely herself. What am I going to do? I can't be seen putting her in my car, I can't be seen in hers, and it would REALLY not look good dragging her into my house. All my students are worse than her in there and no one else really knows me on this block, I'll be fine. Besides it's nine- thirty no one will really be up. I stand her up and put my arm around her waist. I walk her over to my house and sit her down on my couch. Of course she doesn't stay sitting up she ends up falling over which is fine too. I walk into my kitchen to grab some water for her although I don't think she'll be drinking it. I come back and to my suprise she's awake rubbing her eyes. 

    "You're actually awake? I was for sure you wouldn't wake up at all. Do you know how drunk you are? You're lucky I was getting home from shopping for groceries or you would be dead." She slowly turns her head and looks up at me, I kneel down in front of her. "I'm...really sorry I'm very pretty stupid tonight. I only went for the drinks really, parties aren't really my scene anymore. I'm very very sorry I'll just get out of your hair." Nice grammar. She starts to get up from my couch and stumbles towards the door. Oh no, you're not going anywhere that intoxicated. I get up and put my hands on her shoulders and turn her around. "Do you want your jacket on? I really don't know what I'm going to do with you, I doubt you want me to call your parents and have them pick you up. I'm positive you don't want to stay here either because that's strange. I can't let you drive home and you were walking out alone so I'm guessing you came alone." She puts a hand on my shoulder. "I could stay here for the night, I mean you're my best friend Joe what are you talking about silly?" She's slurring her words, poor girl thinks I'm this guy named Joe. "Maxine I'm not who you think I am. It's Frank, your teacher, not Joe." Her smile fades and she blinks a couple times. "Right, I'm sorry. I could still just stay here. It's the smartest thing to do in my eyes." She takes off her jacket and stumbles back over to my couch and lays down. 


    I fix myself dinner and make her hash browns. I've heard it's best for drunk people, I wouldn't know I don't get hammered when I drink. I walk into my living room and I hear faint crying. I put the plates down on the coffee table and sit on the couch next to her. "Why are you crying?" I put my hand on her arm, she gets goosebumps all over. She sits up and I see two scars on her arms, one on each. "I miss him so much. I don't understand why he would just do what he did. I really don't. Why did he do this to me? How is he still doing this to me after all this time?" She says in between sobs, this is why she's so sad. This Joe guy did something and it crushed her. I get up to get some tissues for her to wipe her face. I walk back into the living room and hand her the tissue box. She takes some out, wipes her face then puts the box back on the table. "Do you want me to turn on the tv for you?" She nods so I get up and turn it on. I turn back around and she's sitting there smiling at me, what did I do? I stand there completely confused looking at her. Her tank top strap slips down a little bit, she grabs the bottom of her shirt and starts slipping it up over her head. Oh no.

    She's looking straight at my eyes as she pulls her shirt up and she reveals her blue bra. I have to stop this now. I run over and give her back her shirt. "Why are you giving me back my shirt? Don't you like half naked women?" She's still looking into my eyes. "You're very VERY drunk, and you're my student. You're not in your right mind right now and we would both feel terrible if something did happen. Not to mention you're seventeen, and I'm twenty-four." She looks at me irritated. "Actually I'm almost eighteen, like so close... com'on what's the big deal?" She's stubborn isn't she? "The big deal is this is...not good. I'm your teacher and you're a minor, it's strange." She's not in her right mind, Frank calm down. "I don't see the big deal, Frank." She looks me up and down then scoots closer to me. She puts her hand on my leg, I gently take it off and put her hand back on her legs. "I'm not going to do this with you. I care about you and I couldn't do this it's not right." She looks down at her hands and starts fiddling with them then looks back up at me. 

    "Kiss me." The words escape from her pink lips and her eyes are eating me alive. "I can't bring myself to do it." She grabs my hand and puts one of my fingers on her lips. She moves my finger to trace her soft lips. Her cheeks are flushed, I'm guessing from embarrassment, or maybe it's the alcohol. I pull my hand back onto my leg, I can't do this. "Please, just kiss me. That's all I'm asking for." I don't understand. "Why do you want me to kiss you so bad?" She clears her throat, "I just want to feel a sensual feeling. That feeling of being fulfilled, like a meteor just hit the ground. Please kiss me." I look down at the floor, this is wrong and not normal. "I won't kiss you...come here, Maxine." I put my arm out and put my hand on her shoulder pulling her closer to me. Her head falls on my chest, I can feel her smile. "Thank you." Somehow I know exactly what she's thanking me for. I gave her that feeling she wanted, and I didn't let her kiss me. Within minutes she's asleep and so am I. 


    I wake up to the smell of something, is it breakfast? I get off the couch and she's standing in the kitchen burning whatever she's making. I lean up against the door frame and just watch her burn everything. "You're very entertaining, maybe you should be on one of those cooking shows." She jumps and she turns red immediately. "Haha very funny, I was just trying to make breakfast since I ruined your night...and this is extremely awkward." The light is hitting her bright orangish hair beautifully. Her hair is sorta wavy, probably just from sleeping on it. "Why don't I make you breakfast, since you just burned it chef." She laughs and sits up on the counter. "You're different here than you are at school, why is that?" She looks up at the ceiling and back down at me. I grab the eggs from behind her. "Well maybe it's because I already hit on my teacher last night so I kinda broke a barrier there. I'm probably still a little tipsy and my head is pounding. So I guess right now I don't really care about anything." I nod, makes sense, probably a bit of everything. 

    We finish eating breakfast, she got up off the couch and grabbed her jacket and put it on. "This is the part where I open the door and walk out, drive home." I don't really want her to leave as odd as that sounds. She gave me company and I miss that. "I'll walk you out to your car, is that okay?" She turns around and I open up the door for her. We get to her car, she unlocks it and looks up at me. "Joe is an old friend, my best friend at that. He's not around anymore. I remember slightly mentioning him last night. I showed you a side of me that only he has seen last night. You're a good person." Filling in the blanks, slowly but surely. I walk over to her side of the car, I'm standing directly in front of her. "I won't tell anyone. I don't ever have someone around, you kept me company. I enjoyed talking to you and comforting you. You can come to me about anything I hope you know that now." Her sad eyes look up at me, "I know...Frank." 


    Maxine's POV

    I'm standing there looking up into his eyes, my teacher. He opens the car door for me and I sit down in the seat. I twist the keys and I drive off. Looking in my rear view mirror at him, he looks so lonely. I just want to turn around and hug him, I know how he feels. I finally get home and my parents are waiting for me at the door. "Don't even say anything you guys. I know I shouldn't have been out all night and I'm in HUGE trouble. I'm sorry for worrying you." They just stare at me, my mom's arms are crossed and so is my dad's. "What are you talking about? We just want to know where you were. You're almost eighteen Max you can have freedom." What did I just hear my dad say? My DAD just asked me where I was. That's all? There has to be a catch. "I was at a Christmas there a catch to this? Is this a joke?" They both laugh at me, "No catch. How was school?" I. Am. So. Confused. "It was good. I'm going to go up to my room because this is too weird for me." I run up the stairs and land on my bed. Ahh, my bed, my room. My home phone starts ringing, "I got it!" I pick up the phone and answer it. "Hello?" Oh my god how is this happening. "Hi Mr. Geller? How do you have my home phone number?" What is going on with my life. "You left your cell at my house, and you also grabbed the wrong jacket. I believe the one you're wearing is mine." I look down, he's right this is not my jacket. "I'm sorry I'll drive back over and get it. I'm such a cluts." How do I grab the wrong jacket, just how. 

    "Oh, I'm already on my way over. I should've mentioned that." Oh shit. 




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