Dear Joe

Hello Joe,
I'm writing to you again. At least that's what my therapist told me to do. He said, "Talk to the person you are having negative feelings towards." He meant write it down in a stupid journal. My parents told me I had to, but I don't want to. So here I am, writing, but for what? You won't know what the hell I'm feeling or saying to you. You were my best friend. Where are you now?


7. During The Day


    Maxine's POV

    I got done with my test early and that isn't suprising to anyone. I just sit and stare at the wall, but most of the time I daydream of different times. After about thirty minutes everyone else got done and started talking. This girl with brown hair sits behind me and she was talking to a few of her friends. I think her name is Kristy. She is really annoying and she talks shit about almost everyone she lays eyes on. Pretty much your typical mean girl in high school, but I'm older than her. She's a sophmore that could care less about doing her schoolwork. Credits add up stupid girl. 

    "So who do you think will be there?" I listen in on the conversation because why not she's talking loud enough. "Do you think Caleb will be there? God I hope so, if he isn't I don't even see a point in going." Then why don't you just ask him if he's going Kristy? "How about to have fun, you know with your friends? Kristy, we want to spend time with you too like stop being so boy crazy." I think that's Amber talking, yeah duh Kristy you have friends hang out with them too. "I know but I just want someone and Caleb is nice and super cute. If he isn't there we'll stay for a little while, just us girls." Yeah, I want someone too. I feel a tap on my shoulder, "Hey uh...Maxine? is that your name?" I turn around and Kristy is talking to me, huh weird. "Well anyways there's this party at Gary's house tonight and you can come if you want. I think it'll be super fun, but you're a senior so maybe you have homework or something." What the hell? I'm invited to a party? "It's the last day of school before winter break I don't think anyone has homework." She gives me a confused look, "Oh yeah you're right, haha. Well you're invited so if you don't have plans or even if you do you should go." Eh it's not at school so maybe there will be alcohol, fuck it. "Yeah why not I'll go." I turn back around in my seat and Mr. Geller is looking at me. "Alright since everyone is done why don't you just go out to snack early." As soon as he finished the sentence everyone was out the door. 


    Frank Geller's POV

    Ugh, a party at Gary's? Dammit that kid always has the worst parties, I would know I live on the same street as him. I'll ask Maxine just to make sure, she starts to stand up at her desk and collects her things. I walk up to her desk, "So there's going to be a party at Gary's house?" She looks up at me it seems I startled her a little bit. "Yeah that's what Kristy told me. I'm not a big fan of going to a party by myself." That's a lie. "He always has crazy parties, I live a few houses down from him. I can't tell you how many times I've been pranked by drunk students. It's kinda funny but it sucks to clean up afterwards." She giggles and looks away, she has really amazing eyes such a pretty green. "Well you most likely won't be seeing me prank you tonight. I've got stuff I have to do so." That's also a lie, I know she'll probably go to the party she just doesn't want to tell a teacher that. Although I am a bit worried considering she came into class smelling like straight up alcohol. I just hope if she does go she will be smart like I know she is and won't get into any trouble. "Well if you do go just be safe. A lot of things happen at those unsupervised parties. Don't leave anything belonging to you out of sight." Good job at hinting not to leave your drink on a table. There are some sick people out there these days.

    "You can never be too careful, even at school. I always look out for myself,  especially because I'm a small girl who can easily be taken away." Smart just like I thought. I'm glad she is so observant she'll be someone someday, someone who has an impact on the world. I'm just a teacher, I'm just like everyone else. "Good, I'm glad to hear that. Well you should probably get to your next class right?" She nods and smiles at me then starts walking away. "Have a good break and a wonderful Christmas." She says while walking out my door. Alone, I'm alone again. Why is it that I can't find one friend? They don't even have to like me I just want company. Great, just great, I'm a whiny twenty-four year old. I walk back to my desk and pull out the essays from the finals, oh fun. I finally get to the one I was most looking forward to reading, Maxine's. She has such delicate handwriting, it's beautiful. My students had to write a poem or a short story, it was pretty much free writing. I start to read it. Hers are always so sad, and I can never figure out what is making her write such sad things. I'm very curious to know what's bringing her down so much, she has this light about her that she shows people, but you can see it in her big green eyes her true feelings. I finish reading it and of course it's another A, I put it down and pick up Mike's paper. My next class starts coming in slowly, ugh Natalie, she's a horrible human being. I get up to pass out their finals, once that's done I sit back down at my desk. 


    Maxine's POV 

    What did he mean by all that? "Be safe" no duh, is it because of coming drunk to school? Probably, but it was just one time! What's the big deal? I sit in my history class, I already completed my final. I put my head down and everything goes black. 

    RING! The bell to go to lunch sounds. I could just go home and get ready for the party. I'm supposed to have to be 18 to sign myself out, but since everyone in the office is gone today I get away with it. I walk up to the office doors and I'm free to go. I walk down the parking lot and it seems that everyone is doing that. I'm lucky all I had left was my free period, my elective, and science. My final in science I don't have to take since I already have all my credits for it, so that grade really doesn't matter. I reach my car and unlock the door, I get in and turn the keys and the engine comes to life. The radio comes on, Radioactive starts playing, Joe. I haven't even really thought of him today. 


    I open the front door and walk in my house, everyone is at work the house is silent. I go upstairs and start looking at different outfits I have to wear. I don't want to look like a hooker and I don't want to be too conservative. I want to look edgy, I take out a black jacket and a pair of dark blue jeans, now what shirt to wear. I grab a pair of my silky blue underwear and the bra to match it. I turn to my closet and look at my shirts, hmph. I take out my blue flowery tank top and hold it up to my body, yeah that will do. I pick up my clothes and walk into my bathroom, I turn on the shower. I step in the warm water feels so good falling down my skin. I run my hands through my hair and just stand there enjoying the feeling of being in the shower. 


    I look in the mirror, my makeup is done, I'm dressed, and my hair is done. I've got about an hour until I have to be at Gary's house. I look pretty I guess, Joe would say I looked beautiful like he always did. So I'll believe him for right now. I go downstairs and grab a bag of chips and walk out the door. It seems like he lives far from me so I decided to just leave now and be early instead of late. I'm assuming the party won't be huge, probably just a few people since you have to be invited to go. I couldn't imagine his parents being okay with having a huge party and no parents. After about fourty- five minutes I arrive, there are already people here. Wow, there's actually more than I thought eek. I get out of my car and everyone is starting to go inside. I stand there looking at the house, it's two stories and it's a tanish color. I take a deep breath and start walking up not knowing what tonight's events will be. 



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