Dear Joe

Hello Joe,
I'm writing to you again. At least that's what my therapist told me to do. He said, "Talk to the person you are having negative feelings towards." He meant write it down in a stupid journal. My parents told me I had to, but I don't want to. So here I am, writing, but for what? You won't know what the hell I'm feeling or saying to you. You were my best friend. Where are you now?


9. A Suprise Guest


Maxine's POV

    I put down the phone and sit back on my bed. In the mean time I guess I'll write in my diary. I pull it out of my drawer and open it to a blank page. I grab the pen sitting on my dresser and start to write.

                Dear Joe, 

    A lot has happened since I last wrote to you. I guess you can say I changed a bit, but don't worry I'm still me. Basically to sum it up for you I got through finals and now I'm on winter break. I didn't tell you the juicy details, I went to a party and got totally plastered. So I guess what happened is I stumbled out of the party and fell flat on my face in front of Mr. Geller remember him? Yeah so he walked me to his house because I was going to drive home but that was dangerous so he let me stay on his couch. To be completely honest it was fun and I forgot about everything. It was like none of it ever happened and I was normal. I was just a normal girl going to a popular party and getting drunk. It all wasn't perfect though silly me brought home the wrong jacket and left my phone in the jacket pocket of my own jacket. Can you believe that? I can. He's coming over to drop it off and I just wanted to catch you up on everything. I wish I could just invite you over so we could talk about it in my room but I can't.

                                                                     I miss you, 


    I put down my diary and run downstairs and sit on the porch. I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible so my parents didn't see. After about ten minutes I see his car driving up my street and I stand up. I completely forgot the fact that I was in the same clothes he last saw me in. I could've at least changed but of course I didn't ugh. I walk down to the curb and he pulls up right in front of me. He unbuckles his seat belt and gets out of his car. My jacket in his hand he walks over to me looking at me the entire time with his pretty greyish brown eyes. "Thank you for bringing me my jacket and here's yours by the way." I say as I take off his jacket, he smiles. "You're welcome, I think it would be a bit weird if someone saw your jacket in my house. I'm sure you would miss it too and your phone." I didn't think about that. "I could've screwed you over. I'm sorry and I hope I didn't cause you any trouble." He looks down at me, "Nonsense I'm sure I'll be fine and besides you could've died if I didn't let you stay." Yeah that was so dumb of me to do. "Well thanks and I'll see you in January. Have a good break." I look up at him and smile, he backs up and falls off the curb. He laughs, "You too I'll see you in January, Maxine." I want to tell him what he did for me last night but I refrain from doing so, afraid of what he might think of me. Instead I just watch him drive away from my house and turn out of my street. I look down at the curb then turn around to walk back into my warm house. My parents are in the kitchen talking to each other but I don't care to know what. I walk into my bathroom because I really need a shower. I take off my clothes and turn on the water to warm. I get in the shower and stand there enjoying the warm all around me and remember the day I just had. 

Frank's POV

    I pull up into my driveway and open the garage. People tell me my garage is a bit odd but I don't see a problem with it. I keep my books in the garage and people think it's a strange thing to keep in a garage but so what. I love literature which is obvious considering I am an English teacher. I grab my jacket and walk into my house, so empty. My house is too big for just one person to live in it makes me feel more lonely than I already do. On my spare time which does not happen too often I write. I have written a lot but most of it isn't any good. It's mostly just me rambling on about how the world works and how empty my life is. I sit down on my couch and stare at the wall. I remember her laying here crying on about some guy who probably broke her heart. I don't know how men can be so insensitive to people, women in general. I remember her making breakfast just a few hours ago and how happy she looked. I should remember I'm acting like it happened years ago. She's the only person I've had here for who knows how long and I miss it, her. Waiting almost a month to talk to her again seems like a long time and I feel weird thinking about her like this. I'm her teacher and I'm older than her and I should not be thinking this way but I do. She's wonderful to be around I can't deny that but I have to keep it in my head knowing letting it out could blow up in my face. I sit wondering what I'll do with all this time off. Maybe I'll call her...just to talk to that's crazy. I won't do that. I can't let myself do that. I get up and head to my room to grab some clean clothes. Since I haven't bathed yet I should do that now. I turn on the water and get in for a quick shower. 



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