The Marriage Challenge Extreme

I don't really know how to blurb this... So... Please read! ��


1. The Challenge

Niall's POV

"NO HARRY!" I screamed at the guy who was now laughing and smirking at me. "You're just scared cause you're a virgin." He said with a little chuckle. "Yeah! I am Harry." I admit, calming down a bit. "Dude, I'm not scared cause I'm a virgin, I mean for pete's sake! You're a virgin too!" He rolled his eyes. "Then why are you scared?" He asked with another smirk. "Well, first of all, I'm going to be spending almost a year with a complete stranger. And second of all, no one would want do do that with me!" He rolled his eyes. "We are all doing it, so you are too. Now pack your bags." He said; then walked away. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Why is Harry so good at convincing?! Oh well. I grab my suitcase from under my bed and throw everything I need in it. I zip it up and head downstairs to find all the boys and Harry standing there waiting. I smile at them all and throw on my shoes. We go outside to find a van that I don't think any of us have ever seen before. It was a dark blue 2006 minivan that had attached girl and boy symbols on the side doors. I rolled my eyes and followed Harry in. There was a driver in the front with a guy next to him holding some papers. We all sat down and Harry started talking. "Guys, this is Dany Washer. He is arranging all this." We all said hi to Dany and shook his hand. "Hey boys, well, first of all, I have some name tags here because I am really bad with names." He started calling out names. "Liam?" Liam raised his hand and was handed a mailing label with his name on it. "Zayn?" Zayn smiled and reached out. Dany handed the name tag to him and looked back down at the next tag. "Louis?" He asked. We all laughed at Louis as the guy pronounced the 's'. Louis chuckled lightly and raised his hand. "Umm... It's Louis." He said. I rubbed Lou's back as he was handed the label. "Niall?" He finally asked my name. I was about to say something, but was cut off by Harry. "Niall's the blonde one." I rolled my eyes and laughed as I was handed the name tag. Then he handed one to Harry, the driver, and put one on him. "Oh yeah, this is Bill." He pointed towards the driver. We all nodded and shook the drivers hand. Then he turned and started the engine.

"So, to start this all off, let me inform you all that this is a three hour drive." Dany explained. I sighed but nodded as did the others. "So, do you all know exactly what we are doing here?" He asked. We all shook our heads as Harry started smirking again. He chuckled. "Well, this is called the marriage challenge extreme." He started. Okay, I'm concerned now. "Harry..." Louis started. But Dany continued. "You can't see them, but there are hidden cameras all over this van." He smiled. "We are a hit TV show and have ten-hundred-million subscribers." All our eyes went wide. "We have had so many people try to get on the show for this season, and you guys are the lucky winners along with five lucky girls!" He said excitedly. Now I feel special. Still scared and concerned, but special. Liam raised his hand. Dany nodded as if we were in grade school. "What are we having to do?" He lowered his hand. Dany smiled and chuckled. "We are going to pair you all up with the girls. You and your companion will have to live together until she has your baby. It could take from ten months to two years." He explained. I raised my hand. He smiled at me and asked "yes Niall?" Reading my name tag that I forgot about. I laughed. "Well, I have two questions." He nodded. "First of all, how much longer in this car? I'm starting to get claustrophobic." He chuckled and looked at his watch. "We've only been in the car for twenty minutes. So that means another two hours and forty minutes." I sighed and spoke again. "And, umm... Why is this show even a hit?" They all laughed and I smiled. Dany did too. "I really have no idea." He chuckled. I laughed. Maybe Dany was a little casual on the inside. He continued. "You will meet and choose your girls when we arrive in-" he looked at his watch. "Two and a half hours." I bit my lip. I don't know if I even will be able to meet them. I mean, I'm already feeling a little headache.


I woke up to Louis rubbing my back. Sleeping helped a bit, but my head still hurts like hell. "Niall! We're here! You can get out now!" He whispered in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and breathed in the fresh air coming from the open doors. Then I let my head flop back and hit the cushion. Louis nudged me a bit and I undid my seatbelt noticing that he couldn't get out unless I did first. I sighed and stood up, crouching as I made my way to the car door. I got out and as soon as I made contact with the ground fell down. My head was aching so bad. All the boys gasped and Zayn helped me up. He motioned for Liam to help and he came over and slouched my arm over him as did Zayn. Dany seemed concerned. "Umm... Is he okay?!" Harry let out a small laugh. "Yeah, just claustrophobic. Right Niall?" I tried to speak. "Yeah, phobiclaus." My tongue never worked when I was like this. It's so annoying! Louis laughed as he closed the car door behind him. "Yeah, and a little dyslexic as well!" The boys led me inside and we were greeted by some strict security guards. Wow, this show is really popular. There are a lot of Windows which help me recover, and I am soon on my own feet again. We are led to a room full of cameras. And behind all the cameras there is another door on the other side of the room. And at the same time as we entered, almost on queue, five girls entered with someone who looked like a host. Kinda like Dany. Oh no.

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