The Marriage Challenge Extreme

I don't really know how to blurb this... So... Please read! ��


2. Girls and Kisses

Louis's POV

I went up to a tan girl who was about 5'7. She had curly dark brown hair and a round face. She had green eyes that gave me chills when we made eye contact. She was wearing a pink tank top and jean shorts. She also had on pink stilettos that matched her tank and a black headband to match her belt. She was thin but not too skinny. Her shape was perfect. "Hey, I'm Louis." She smiled at me. And her smile was sweet. "I'm Alex." She said with a sweet voice. "Shall we?" I asked, holding out my hand for her to grab. "We shall." She said, getting the humour. She grabbed my hand and I led her to one of the many rooms attached to the big one with the cameras. I closed the door behind me and sat down next to her. I lent in close and went up to her ear. "I'm sure there's hidden cameras in here." I whispered, causing her to giggle. "Yeah, probably." She whispered back. I laughed. "So, what are some things you like?" She asked. I smiled. She was trying. "Umm... Let's see; I like my friends, girls who eat carrots, laughing, making people laugh, and smiles." She put on a confused but happy face. "Girls who eat carrots?" She chuckled. "Yep." She laughed. "Well, I like carrots." I smiled. "Then I like you too." She laughed. "Hey! You're doing four things on your list!" She laughed. I laughed. "Am I?" I asked. "Yeah, hanging out with a girl who eats carrots; laughing; making me laugh; and smiling!" I chuckled. "I guess you're right!" She giggled. "You look cute when you laugh." I said, my brain catching up to my mouth. I gasped and she laughed. "Do I?" I nodded, knowing I can't turn back now. "And you do too!" She said, poking my nose. I chuckled and blushed. "Okay, this could go one way or another... So, Alex, can I try something?" She giggled. "Depends what you're doing." She said, being smart. "As I said, one way or another." I smirked. She sighed. "Fine." She chuckled. "Okay, close your eyes." She rolled her eyes but closed them. I slowly approached her and took a deep breath before placing my lips on hers. Instantly she started kissing back. I cupped her jaw with my hands, as she put her small fragile hands on my chest. I pulled away and she smirked at me. "Did it have to end there?" She asked. I smiled. "No."

(Selena Gomez)

Zayn's POV

A nice brown haired girl approached me. She was pretty but mostly cute. Her blue eyes were a perfect shade to bring out the glow in her skin. Her lips were a soft pink and matched the sundress that she was wearing. She had a black leather belt on that matched her wedges and sunglasses that were sat on her head. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Her smile was beautiful. I understand why they chose her. "Hey, I'm Zayn." She smiled. "Carly." I sly browed. "So you're the silent but beautiful type eh?" She blushed. "You don't seem to talk much either." I chuckled and held out my hand for her. She grabbed it and we went to a room next to the one that I think Lou went into. "So, what do we do now?" She asked. "Well, Dany said we have to get to know each other." She smirked. "Is Dany like your version of our Sara?" I laughed. "Probably." She giggled. "So you think I'm beautiful eh?" She asked, with another smirk. I laughed. "Let's just say I know why they picked you and your friends." She laughed. "And vice versa." She said. "But of course you're by far the prettiest of the bunch." I smirked. She blushed and nudged my arm. "You're good at flirting!" She said, laughing. "Hey, I gotta be for this situation!" I laughed. "Not so quiet now am I?" I asked, with a proud smirk. She laughed but nodded. "You know, this reminds me of one time when we couldn't find Niall; and we eventually found his sitting on the floor in a little tiny room like this one trying to put his m&ms in alphabetical order." I explained to her. Now she was laughing really hard. She calmed down a bit and came closer to me. She bit her lip; I nodded and grabbed her waist with my big hands. She wrapped her arms around my neck and slammed her lips against mine. I immediately kissed back harder. She grazed my bottom lip with her tongue asking for entrance; and I got the message. I opened my mouth and she slipped her tongue in. We explored every inch of each others mouths until we finished with her lightly biting my bottom lip and pulling away. I bit my lip and sighed. "You want more?" She asked; I nodded and smirked and let her place her soft pink lips on mine again.

(Miranda Cosgrove)

Liam's POV

I went to the first girl I made eye contact with. She was cute, but looked nice and mature like me. "Hi." She said, with a smile. She was nice; I liked that. "Hey, I'm Liam." I smiled at her. "I'm Ally, nice to meet you!" I chuckled. She came closer. "Don't worry, I'm not actually this cheery." I sighed in relief and she laughed. "Hey, you wanna be my wife for a year?" I asked, trying to hold in my laughter. She casually answered yes and grabbed my arm that was held up for her. We went to a room attached to the camera room, and as soon as she closed the door behind her we both broke out into laughter. "Oh my god." She said, calming down. That was my queue to calm down. "So, which languages to you speak?" She asked me. "Umm... English, gibberish, did I mention English?" She laughed. "Same." I laughed. "So, hobbies?" I asked. "Piano, knitting, and shopping." She laughed. "Not to many eh?" She shook her head. "Don't worry! I have like two!" I whispered loudly. She laughed and sat down on one of the chairs. That's when I noticed that we were standing the entire time. I sat on the chair beside her; and she looked confused. "What?" I asked, smiling. "I'm just wondering what married couples do." I smirked. "Well, first they get married." She looked at me with a smirk. We both stood up and got really close to each other. "You may kiss the bride." She whispered, and I softly kissed her nice pink lips. Her navy blue dress was no wedding dress, but it worked for me. I grabbed her waist as she cupped my jaw with her small fragile hands. "You're perfect." I mumbled against her lips. She smiled and kissed more passionately. Her lips felt amazing against mine. She pulled away and smiled. "Can I get drunk on your kisses?" I asked. She smirked and nodded. I slammed my lips on hers this time. She kissed back almost instantly. Only harder. Who knew an innocent little girl named Ally could be so violent? I smirked against her lips and she started running her fingers through my hair. I rubbed my hands against her back as she started tugging at my hair. I opened my mouth without her asking and she let her tongue play around with mine. She was now yanking at my hair, but I couldn't feel it. I was distracted by the taste of her lips.

(Laura Marano)

Harry's POV

This is the best idea that I have ever had in my life. I went up to a curly blonde girl with pale skin and a round face. She had dark blue eyes that were really enchanting. She was wearing white skinny jeans and a silver tank top. She had silver flats as well. "Hey." I started. "I'm Harry." She smiled. She was pretty. "Samantha, but please, call me Sam." I chuckled. "Okay, Sammy." She smirked. "Don't even start." I laughed. "Ooh, we got a sassy one in the house people!" I exclaimed. She smirked and laughed. "Glad I'm gonna have your child." I smirked. She rolled her eyes; and dragged me into a new room. "So, where do we start?" She asked. "I don't know... I'm still a virgin..." I exclaimed. She smirked and laughed. "Don't even think about it Harry." I smirked. "Well, you remember my name. That's a start!" I exclaimed. "How old are you?" She asked. "Ooh... Sammy's got a dirty mind. I like that..." She rolled her eyes. "I'm 21. Why?" Cause I feel like I shouldn't kiss you if you're younger than me. I rolled my eyes. "Well, how old are you?" I asked. She smiled. "19." I smirked. "Then go ahead." I exclaimed. She laughed. She kissed my lips passionately with her soft little marshmallow lips covered in strawberry lipgloss. She pulled back. "I hate you." She whispered. "I love you too." I whispered back. She shook her head and smirked. "Stubborn. I know." I said, smirking. She rolled her eyes and kissed me again. I smirked against her lips and she nodded, opening her mouth. I stuck my tongue inside and fought with hers. She won and closed her mouth. I bit her bottom lip lightly and pulled away. She smirked and giggled lightly. "I do too." She smiled. "You love me?" I asked, getting a little excited. She nodded slowly, still smiling. "Then I guess this marriage thing will work out then eh Sam?" She smiled. "No. I like Sammy." She said. "Okay then... Sammy." She laughed. "So, what do you like?" I asked. "If we're going to get to know each other we can sit down you know." She smirked. "No, I like it this close." I smirked cheekily at her. She rolled her eyes and I let go. We sat down and she sighed. "This is a little better." I laughed. "So..." I asked. "What?" She asked. "You never answered my question." I smirked. "You." She said, and pecked me on the cheek. Well this relationship is moving fast! I thought to myself. She likes me. And loves me too.

(Jeanette McCurdy)

Niall's POV

A small girl about 5'5 came up to me and smiled. "Hi." I said. She smiled. "Hi." I laughed. "We are gonna get along just fine." I said, holding my arm up. She latched onto it and we walked with posture up to the last remaining room. "So..." I started. "I'm Catherine. But everyone calls me Cat." She finished. I laughed. "I'm Niall. But everyone calls me Niall." I exclaimed; causing her to giggle. "You are the cutest girl I have ever laid eyes on." I chuckled. She blushed. "And you are the cutest guy I have ever laid eyes on." I laughed. She has a good sense of humour. "I have been told that I have to get to know you..." I said, smiling. "Okay, let's make it a game. You go, then I go. And we have to answer our own questions as well." She explained. I nodded and laughed. "Is that your real hair colour?" I asked. She shook her head and laughed. "No. I just really really like red velvet cupcakes!" I laughed. "Well it goes good with your outfit." We both laughed. She was wearing a creamy white sundress with red velvet coloured stilettos. Her eyes were brown and her red hair brought out the glow in her clear skin. She also had lipstick that matched her hair and heels. "Well?" She asked. "No. I started dying it blonde in like grade six or something." She smiled. "What's the real colour?" She asked. "Is that your question?" She nodded. "Well, in that case, brown. My hair is dark brown." She smiled wide. "Me too." I laughed. "Now, I've been told to kiss you in this small room." She explained. "I must've been sleeping that part." I smirked. She lent in and placed her red lips on mine. I brought my hands up and cupped her face as I started kissing back. She placed her hands on my chest and my hands made their way to her lower back, holding her in close. She pulled away, biting my bottom lip as she did. "That was nice." I smirked. She giggled and but her lip. "Want to do it again?" She smirked. I smirked and nodded slowly. This time, she slammed her lips onto mine and clenched my shirt by the collar. I moved my hands and tightened my grip on her waist. She grazed my bottom lip with her tongue, asking for entrance. I got the message and opened my mouth. She slipped her tongue in and played around with mine. We explored a bit before pulling away. I moved a strand of red hair out of her face. "Next question; did you like that?" I asked, causing her to giggle and nod. "Me too." I whispered with a smirk. She bit her lip and looked straight into my eyes. "Now my turn." She said; "do you love me?" I smirked and nodded. "How couldn't I? Your like a little kitten!" I said, laughing. She blushed and bit her lip once more. "And I do too. You're the puppy in the relationship though." I laughed. "And you're the kitten. I mean, there's gotta be a reason why they call you Cat right?" I said, causing her to giggle once more.

(Ariana Grande)

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