Best Friends (A Luke Hemmings & Miley Cyrus story)

Luke Hemmings & Miley Cyrus have been best friends since they were born. There moms were best friends in High School. Even with Miley living in Nashiville and Luke in Australia both familes visited each other. When Miley was 12 she got the lead role in a Show on Disney called Hannah Montana & had to Move to LA & didn't have time to visit. Luke & Miley Drifted apart. A few years later when Miley & Luke are both 16 Miley visits him while touring Australia. A lot of things have changed since they last saw each other. One of the biggest changes is Luke has his own band now. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they still be Best friends? Do they end up admitting feelings for each other? Read to find out!


1. Plane Ride

Miley's POV

Im about to see Luke for the first time in 4 years. I've missed him so much. I'm nervous though. What if he hates me? I wouldn't blame him. I left him and promised to call and stay in touch. And I did for the very first 2 or 3 months I was in LA but then I stopped having time. I know I sound like a horrible person but being famous is a lot of work. Anyway I just landed. Great I can already hear the screaming fans. Don't get me wrong I love my fans and I know I should be expecting this especially since I'm on tour right now but Sometimes I wished I could just be Miley.. The 16 year old girl from Nashville. Not Miley Cyrus the Pop star but there isn't much I can do about it now. After all I chosed this life. I don't know why but I did. One thing I do know though is that these next 2 weeks I'll have a lot of catching up and explaining to do.

Luke's POV.

This is really happening! I'm going to see Miley for the first time in 4 years. I've missed her so much.. UI couldn't stop thinking about her. When she called and told me she was going to be in Australia for her tour and wanted to see me I was so happy. I though she forgot about me. After all she only is the biggest pop star on the planet.

*Ding Dong*

That's her! I looked in the mirror one last time and ran down the stairs. I ran to the door and open it...

Hi! That chapter sucked but I promise it will get better. I'm gonna try to update twice a week but if I don't it's because I do have a life (Truth: I was probably just to lazy to update) anyway let me know what u thought and I'll talk to you all later

PS: Miley is almost done with The show in this story. .

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