// now you know what it's like to feel insane, darling // devin sola au // copyright andi horror 2015 //


3. chapter two

"They'll never believe you. They'll never believe you..."


I buried my face in a pillow. It was beyond unbearable now. He just kept repeating himself. Like a song on repeat, over, and over, and over, and he didn't stop.


I didn't sleep the first night at the aslyum. The noise resulted in me screaming at the top of my lungs until my voice gave out, just to hear anything else. But he got louder, and louder.


"They'll never believe you, they'll never believe you, they'll never believe--"



Then suddenly he stopped.


I quickly turned my head and saw one of the workers at the asylum walking in.

She was tall, skinny, and had black hair and a septum ring. She had a syringe in her hand.

I stood up and backed myself into a corner trying to get away from her.

She grabbed my arm and jabbed it with the syringe.


I don't know what was in it, but it was ice cold and I was out like a light within seconds.




I woke up in the same place. Shoved in the corner, but with my face on the ground now.

I lifted my head and sat up. I scooted closer into the corner, if even possible, and sat with my legs crossed.


"They'll never believe me, huh?" I said aloud.




"Why do you need to remind me?" I asked.


"They'll never believe you."


"I didn't ask if they would ever believe me, asshole. I asked why you needed to remind me." I hissed.


I saw something from the corner of my eye and looked over.

I was startled at first, thinking it was another asylum worker, but no, it was my worst nightmare in human form, sitting similarly to how I was.


"Because." He spoke. I flinched.


"Because why?" I asked, walking over to him and sitting in front of him.


His eyes never left me. "You're intriguing."


"Your first time flirting, huh?" I asked jokingly. What the hell was wrong with me? A ghost appears in my asylum cell dressed like he belongs in a 1960's graveyard horror movie, and I'm cracking jokes?


"No." He replied. "Never have. But I am not flirting, I am just saying." He tilted his head slightly.


Hard to believe I found the aformentioned 1960's graveyard ghost cute even in the slightest. "Okay, well... Answer my question. Why are you following me?"


"They'll never believe you." I heard the door to my asylum cell creak open and he was gone.


"You okay in here? I heard a couple of voices coming from your cell." The least unpleasant volunteer, Ash, asked.


"I'm fine, Ash. Thanks for asking, though." I looked down at my hands.


"I'm not supposed to talk to any patients here, but..." She looked behind her. She took off a sneaker she was wearing and put it between the doorframe and the door, and stepped into my cell. "Tell me what's up."


"I know what I'm hearing and seeing, Ash." I replied.


"So you're seeing things now?" She tilted her head.


"I saw him! He actually, like, appeared and stuff." I said, almost too excitedly. "He talked to me."


Ash tucked her red and black hair behind her ears and sat in front of me, right where he sat. "So, what did he say his name was? Did he tell you anything?"


"I don't know his name. He didn't tell me why he was here, either." I explained.


"Where did he go?" She asked.


"Didn't say. He disappeared right before you came in." I sighed.


"I don't want'a be rude or anything, but that seems very convenient." She raised an eyebrow.


"Ash, come on. You're the only person who even pretends to believe me. Don't stop now," I nudged her arm.


"I'm just say--"


"COSTELLO!" I heard someone shout in an angered tone.


"Shit," Ash muttered. "Gotta go." She bolted out, grabbing her sneaker from between the doorframe and the door in the process, then closing the cell door behind her.


"Bye." I replied quietly.



I leaned back and lied down on the ground, closing my eyes. "She's gone, you can keep reminding me they won't believe me. Ever."


"They won't."


I opened my eyes and he was leaning over me. I flinched and sat up straight, then turned to him.


"Hello." He said.


"You scared me, don't do that." I said.


"That's what ghosts do." He grinned innocently.


"What's your name?" I asked suddenly.


His stupid grin dropped. "Why do you care?"


"Was that a fucking joke." I glared.


"My name is Devin," He sat down next to me.


"Now tell me why you're here, Devin." I demanded.


He stayed silent.


"Did I fucking stutter?" I spat. "Tell me why you're here!"


"Because I'm the only one that cares," And he was gone.

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