// now you know what it's like to feel insane, darling // devin sola au // copyright andi horror 2015 //


4. chapter three

"And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave."


I sat in the corner again, in a mess of sobs and swears. I was probably just emotionally unstable by this point.

A fucking ghost decides to haunt me and my parent's ignore my problems by throwing me into a mental asylum. Oh, and to make matters worse, Ash got fired for talking to me and other patients too often. I guess caring for people is a bad quality when working at a mental asylum.

Anyways, some guy who I immediately thought of as a prick was hired. I only called him a prick because he never spoke to anyone and he took Ash's place. It wasn't a snobby "I'm-better-than-everyone-here" kind of quietness, he just wasn't a big conversationalist. His name was Ricky, I think.


Anyways, back to my emotional breakdown and shitty teenager life. Because that's the cliche of any and every storyline, anyways, right?

It'd been two weeks since I had physically spoken to Devin. He only ocassionally said, "They'll never believe you," as usual, but not as often as usual. And he didn't appear anymore.

I know it seems very odd, but as he said, he was the only one who cared since Ash got fired. I just wanted to talk to him. Maybe see him and hold a conversation about literally anything for a good fifteen minutes before he left again. It'd be quite nice.


Eventually, it'd seemed I ran out of tears. My voice gave out so I curled up into a ball and fell asleep lying on my side in the corner.




I woke the next morning to Ricky shaking my arm lightly, telling me, "You need to take your medication."


I immediately felt sad because Ash used to do that. "Okay."




Three hours. Maybe four. Devin still never appeared. Didn't say anything.


"Devin?" I stared at the ceiling, lying on the ground yet again. "I know you can hear me you bastard."


"You rang?"


I jumped up and turned around, and there he stood.


"Trouble in paradise?" He asked sarcastically.


"You-- Where the hell have you been?" I asked.


"I've been busy. Don't ask. What's up?" He stepped forward.


It took all my might not to collapse into a fit of tears and hug him as tight as possible. "I-I've been fine. I guess. Not exactly nice when someone leaves you hanging for two weeks in a mental asylum."


"Ha ha ha," He laughed. "You don't even know the worst of it."




"You have to be human before ghost first, obviously. So I had to endure some of life's bullshit as well, you know. I was in a mental asylum for ten years, you know." He said.


I blinked a few times, trying to process what he was saying.


"Not to one-up you or anything." He shrugged. "And they did things. Terrible things to the patients there. It was the ones who were too far gone that they treated the worst. Unfortunately, I was one of those kids."


"How...Old were you?" I asked curiously.


"Fourteen. And I never made it out alive." He said.


That was it. I lost it. I collapsed into a fit of sobs and just fucking lost it.

He hugged me. The ghost- Devin- actually hugged me. I didn't know ghosts could do that.


"But you? You have a chance, kid. You're not like I was." He said. He had his hands on the sides of my face, making me look at him. "You're normal compared to these guys. I was fucking insane."


But so was I.

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