// now you know what it's like to feel insane, darling // devin sola au // copyright andi horror 2015 //


9. chapter eight

My legs gave out and I laid on the floor in eerie silence as the pain in my shoulder got even more intense, and it kept bleeding profusely.


It got worse with every passing second and I knew I was possibly looking death in the face if Emily didn't get home soon.


"Emily," I called loudly, for some reason, to see if maybe she was home and I didn't hear her come in.


"Devin," I tried, my voice cracking as I started crying.


I looked over and spotted my phone. I slowly got up, clutching my shoulder, and grabbed my phone. I dialed Ash's number.


"Hey, how are-"


"Ash, get over to Emily and I's apartment, it's really important and I need help." I said quickly.


There was a small silence, then she said, "I'm on my way."


I hung up and ran to the bathroom, and grabbed some bandages, quickly wrapping them around my shoulder.

I leaned against the wall and slid down until I was sitting.


"Devin," I tried again.



Then a knock on my door.


I ran across the apartment to the door, and pulled it open quickly.


"Oh my God, what happened?" Ash asked.


"Long story, I don't want to explain..." I mumbled. "Help me."


She stepped in and closed the door. "I can only help you in a certain way... But... You can't tell another human soul."


"Yeah?" I nodded.


"I'm not human. Angels are real and I'm one of them." She whispered.




"Let me help you," She said, grabbing my shoulder.


"Ow-- Fuck! Watch your grip." I hissed.


Her hand was warm. It got warmer. Angel powers? Probably.


"So, like, an angel of some Dude in the sky?" I asked, pointing upwards.


"God and Satan are truly real my friend, for I have seen them." She said. "But no, I'm neither an angel of God or Satan. I'm just an angel from The Middle Galaxy." She explained.


"'The Middle Galaxy'?" I tilted my head as the warmth from her hand got more uncomfortable.


"Like Earth, but a place way beneath the surface that no human has ever been able to find." She replied. "I'd take you, but it's a bit like Hell. There's a heat tolerance for humans but not for angels of The Middle Galaxy. Therefore, if anyone were to ever take a mortal, the mortal companion would burn to death."


"Lovely," I muttered sarcastically.


"Yeah," She chuckled, removing her hand.


There was still a bloody wound, but it hurt a lot less and it looked somewhat better than before. Plus it was bleeding less.


"Thank you," I said.


Ash smiled.


"Um... So, like, what about Heaven? Is it hot, too? Or cold?" I asked curiously.


"Cold. Like, hella cold." She chuckled.


"Um... Well, angels are in Heaven, Hell, and The Middle Galaxy, so... Where do ghosts go?" I asked.


"Anywhere, honey. If this is about Devin, then I'm really sorry, but I don't know where he is." She frowned.


"I heard my name?"


I turned around and saw Devin. I could tell it was him, because I not only saw that smug grin on his face, but I actually felt his presence again. It was the real Devin.


"Never leave me alone for ten years again!" I shouted at him. Then I hugged him.


"Are you okay? I was informed about your shoulder and tried to help, but I was not allowed to." He said.


"I'm fine. Who didn't 'allow' you?" I asked.


"The ghosts you saw in the asylum. Andrew and Gerard. They're kind of like the two leaders." He explained.


I groaned in frustration. "First, you leave me for ten years. Then, I get stabbed. Then, I find out Ash--" I pointed at her. "--is an angel. Now, I'm finding out you've got two dick-bags worth of 'leaders', one of them being the asshole who stabbed me."


"Andrew," Devin scowled. "That's it."


He nodded his head to Ash, who nodded back. He grabbed my arm and suddenly everything went black and I couldn't breathe.

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