Suicide Saver *rewritten version*

More tears streamed down my face as I looked into the darkness that was the ocean. This is it. I'm actually doing this once and for all. This is the day I die. I turned around once more just to make sure no one would stop me from jumping. I was about to turn back to the cold water, when I was another person. What? No one was there a second ago. I have to do this fast. Right as my fingers were about to slip off of the cold metal, I heard his voice say "Don't do it"


5. Sight-seeing and Bagel Eating

"Where to next?" I asked Justin asked as we exited Madam Tussauds Wax Museum. Apparently he had not seen his wax figure since they made it and he wanted to find out how much he grew. Unfortunately, not at all. But he was still able to meet some fans, which I could tell made him happy. His face immediately brightened up whenever he saw one of them and almost automatically confronted them. And even though a majority of the fangirls were crying, he kept his calm and hugged each and every one of them.


"I don't care, you're my tour guide" he pointed out, which made me laugh, thinking of myself of one of those middle-aged men in safari clothes, not quite sure why.


"Well why don't we just go to Central Park? It's always nice over there" I mentioned, considering we weren't too far away since we've been walking since we finished up with the museum.


"Sounds good" he agreed, and I began to lead us in that direction.


"Can we go to Central Perk, too?" He asked, which made me stop in my tracks. He bumped into my back and furrowed his eyebrows. "What? They have so much fun there in Friends." He defended himself, which only made my smirk became a full on snicker.


"That doesn't exist" I explained in between giggles. Justin's face immediately turned beat red. Although he tried to hide it, I could clearly see the blush.


"But my friend told me it's real!" He exclaimed, still not looking me in the eye, with wide eyes and already red cheeks. 


"Well your friend lied" I told him, my giggles dying down. Eventually his blush ceased, as did my fit of laughter. It was always funny when tourists came to New York. Many tourists came into my aunt's restaurant since it is around a few popular Subway stops. I am constantly asked how to work a metro card, how to tell where a subway is going, and sometimes even where to get on the train. All I can do is laugh because a subway metro card is practically the same to a bus metro card, every subway states where it goes on the train, and there is an entrance to the subway about every ten feet.


"It's okay. I get comments like that all the same" I said, placing my hand on his shoulder as some sort ocomfort. Hi embarrassment seemed to stop, which made me smile even though his naiveness made me chuckle to no end. 


"How about we go to an actual cafe? There's one just around the corner" I offered, pointing in the direction of the coffee house. He nodded his head with a shy smile still placed on his lips. I could only shake my head and tug on his arm to get him to walk astert than the snail-like speed he was accomplishing.


"Have you ever watch a show that takes place here? Besides friends obviously" I said, still tugging on his hand even though I did not have to. It was probably a subconscious thing. Whenever I was walking with my aunt Lucia she would make me hold her hand, even i we were simply going down the street. She knew drivers are crazy and would not hesitate to run people over if they were taking too long to cross the street, even if they were at a crosswalk. Justin was in a way enacting my younger self while I was acting as my aunt. I was the experienced one, who only wanted to care or the young, clueless one. 


"A few, why?" He asked, now gripped my hand, probably because he thought I would cause a tear in his jacket from tugging so harshly. 


"There are a few unfulfilled stereotypes, but most of it is true. The obnoxious drivers, rats, disgusting sewers, and being packed in everywhere you go is completely true" I informed him with a slight smile on my face. Although I could not see his expression, I could already tell it was a mix of surprise and disgust. I could already tell he never lived in a place like this, and now never will unless he absolutely had to. 


"How could you live somewhere like this? I thought that was all made up. That sounds awful" He almost exclaimed. He sounded as if he was a neat freak and everyone in his town was incredibly nice and would not dare do any harm to the neighbor. I almost giggled at just the thought of him living here permanently. He would be jumped over puddles and wiping o his pants every two seconds. Then he would be the person to let the pedestrians cross the street and never get to make the turn he wanted to. That would always lead to the never-ending cars behind him to beep until the light turned green and he had another chance to go. 


"It's all I know" I admitted with a shrug. "I would never be able to wake up at six A.M. to milk Bessie, nor would I be able to prance around like some barbie doll. I'm very content with being in a big city, even if there are way too many rats."


Justin was quiet for about a minute, so I assumed I got my point across and he just did not know what to say. 


"We're here" I announced as we approached the vintage looking coffee place. The paper 'open' sign on the door, and paint chipping off the door, and the big loveseats seen from the window made it feel homey, which is something I was very desperate for when I was younger. Now I felt happier and do not feel the need to attend homey shops to make me feel warm and cozy on the inside. Now all I need is my favorite aunt. 


I opened and the door and held it for Justin. He was not coming through so I looked back to find him staring with his mouth opened. I giggled at his amazed reaction at something that seemed so simple to me. Although I came here often and it almost never failed to make me smile again. I knew it was a simple coffee shop. However, Justin obviously had a different take on the atmosphere. 


"You okay there?" I could not help but ask. He immediately snapped out of his trance and stared at me the same way he was the shop. His hood had fell from him looking at the place up and down several times, so he quickly fixed it as his cheeks pinkened. I playfully shook my head at his childish behavior. 


"It's huge" He said, like a little kid getting a jumbo lollipop or the first time. I had to admit, this place was pretty big, but everything is in Manhattan.


"Let's go inside before your eyes pop out of your head" I announce, still holding the door out or the awestruck man. He nodded, even though he was still not staring at me fully. I only rolled my eyes playfully and let the door shut, hoping he would get the hint and come in behind me. He did and walked to the counter right behind me. 


"I still don't understand why you're so excited. You travel all over the world. Yeah, this place is big, but it's a coffee shop." The long line moved closer to the counter and so did we, while Justin looked like he thought of his answer. 


"It's different. I never get to visit all the local places because I really only go to my hotel, the stadium where I perform, hotspots, and shopping or out to eat if I'm lucky. It's so nice and new to be somewhere that people go everyday, but is still unique to me. I don't know. Maybe it's weird to you but it makes perfect sense to me and I just love it" he said with a shrug, then looked down at the floor. 


Even though I could not totally relate to his story, I knew what he meant. Many people, I included, take advantage of what they have right in front of them. This is normal to me, but to someone else, it is a whole other world. It would be as if someone from where I live went to Mexico. To Mexicans, it is any normal place that they are everyday. However, to people like me, it is so different compared to where I am every day. Everything is perspective. 


"I get what you mean. It makes perfect sense" I told him, placing my hand on his shoulder switly. He nodded and smiled at me. I could tell he was happy that someone understood he and he actually made sense. 


"Next!" was called by one of the cashiers and everyone on line looked up at the worker. I then looked to the line in front of me and saw that the only person remaining ahead of us was walking toward the main who had called out that the next customer could come up. 


"What do you want anyway?" I asked, pointing to the large menu above the cashiers' heads. Once again, Justin had an amazed look on his face as he tilted his head almost all the way back. 


"This small, little coffee shop has all that?" He question, causing me to smile and nod. "They have anything you can imagine" I added, although I doubt he could actually hear me. All he was listening to was the blender and the cashiers taking orders. He could not care less about what I was saying once we entered. 


"I'm gonna get a bacon, egg, and cheese. No, waffles! No, coffee! A muffin? I honestly want it all but I don't even eat  that  much. How about you order first because I still don't know if I'm hungry or I just crave food because I smell it" He said, without even averting his eyes too meet my gaze once. I, however, could not possibly be offended. for someone who has been to so many countries and met so many different kinds of people, a little coffee shop still makes his jaw drop. I knew it was almost definitely because of his inexperience with only a handful of people around  and a quiet environment, but it still made me giggle and playfully roll my eyes at almost everything he was saying. 


"How about I order for you? Everything here is good but I come here a lot and know all their specialties" I pffered, making him inally look away from the menu and turn his attention to me. I looked up agt the ceiling and furrowed his eyebrows as he did so. The face looked strange, but not too crazy. 


"I didn't even think of that. Do you worst."





"I'm so glad I let you order for me" Justin almost moaned as he took the last bite of his strawberry filled cinnamon raisin bagel. He did not think it would be too good (or good at all) but he claimed he trusted me, even though he was biting his lip and was sweating for a solid minute until he convinced himself to take a bite. Since then he was taking a bite every two seconds, talking with his mouth full because he could not enough. I knew everyone claimed that New York bagels are the best and no one compares, but I never believed them until I saw Justin scarfing one down, while I have one every day and think it is no big deal. 


While Justin ate his bagel and I ate my bacon, egg, and cheese, we continued to walk around. We did not so much go around and sight-see anymore. We simply took the long way back to my aunt's restaurant because we wanted to talk. It turned out that the two of us could actually bond like best friends of ten years without even knowing each other. We talked and laughed the entire way to the restaurant, which did cause some coughs from Justin, but he said it was worth it. 


We arrived at the restaurant and were met with the smell of homemade tomato sauce and toasting garlic bread. That smell always made me smile and feel at home. Not only am I constantly here where this is always cooking, but also every sunday my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, and I get together and eat this. We talk about our week, our plans, something annoying us; pretty much anything on our minds. 


"Darling!" I heard spoken loudly, making me look up to find a waiter, Miguel, smiling at me with wide arms. I grinned as well and walked a few steps to be able to hug him. Miguel has been a server for my aunt for over ten years, since he came to America from Italy, and seems to be in his mid forties, though he would never show it. He is constantly singing and dancing whenever the place is not busy and he gets chance to goof around. Ever since I was a little girl and he starting working we shared a bond. He would always give me a big hug when I walked in, sneak me the lollypops behind the register, which were supposed to be for actual customers, and took me out a few times for pizza when I got bored simply sitting in the backroom of the business. 


"How are you, Miguel?" I asked, the huge smile still very visible. "Good, very good" he responded, his accent still noticeable. 


"My apologize, but we are very busy. I just wanted to say hello" he informed me and grabbed my face to kiss both my cheeks. He gave me one last grin, then began to walk away to the dining area. 


Then he turned back around, which caught my attention. "Oh, and your aunt is looking for you" he informed me, before turning around again and actually walking away this time. I turned my attention to Justin, who I thought would be either on his phone with a bored expression or simply looking at my annoyed because I basically ignored him. Though, I turned to find him smiling while looking at the restaurant. He looked happy just to be here and look around. 


"Sorry about that. He's like an uncle to me" I apologized, although it seemed like he did not care for it. "No need" he answered, confirming my suspicion. " I have to get back to my hotel anyway. I promised my manager I would videochat him in about an hour. But thank you so much for everything. It really means a lot to have a personal tour guide" he said with a wink, making me blush, even though I wanted to frown because he was leaving. We had such a great time together and now it had to come to an end. 


"But can I have your number? Not in a creepy, flirty way. I just want to be able to keep in touch so we can hang out again." I nodded to his question and help my hand out for him to place his phone in. If anyone would see us at the moment this would look like a proper date. We went sight-seeing and out to eat and then exchanged numbers to do it again. If we did not just meet it would appear as though it was a date to me as well. 


He hesitated for a minute, almost as i he was expecting me to reject bhis request, then fished his phone out from his coat pocket. He unlocked it and went to the contact application. He finally handed it to me and I put my name in number into his phone. I handed his phone back to him and he happily took it.


"I'll text you later then" he told me, then pulled me in to a tight hug. I froze or a moment before wrapping my arms around his waist. The hug did not last long at all, but it seemed like we were standing there or a hour holding each other. I was the one to break us apart, and he still had that same smile spread across his lips. 


"Bye" he said one last time with a wave, then exited the building without turning back. I let out a breathe of air that I was not aware that I was holding. I then snapped back into reality and walked my way into the kitchen, since my aunt wanted me. 


I walked in a smiled at all the workers, then finally found my her putting a tray of food into the oven. "You wanted to see me?" I asked as I took my place next to her. She stood up straight and smiled at me, wider than Miguel and Justin had combined. He seemed insanely excited. 


"Tell me how things went with your new boyfriend" she said, wiggling her eyebrows to ass more effect. The gesture only made me want to go to bed and never awake even more. I was extremely close with my family, but anything having to do with relationships,  dating, or boys is general I would rather keep bottled up then talk with them about it. 


"Never, because he's not my boyfriend" I said, and began walking out the kitchen without even turning back to look at her. 


"Okay, he;s not your boyfriend, but I at least deserve to know" she argued, making her sound like a child being deprived a cookie. She may be older than me but she does not act like it. I simply ignored her whines and kept walking until I reached the exit, then began to walk home. 


I love my aunt but she is honestly crazy sometimes. 



I'm not even gonna TRY to explain why i have not been on here recently. I have been writing this chapter for a while though, so I was trying. I swear. But that also means that new chapters will take some time to be up, but I will try my best, 

I hope you guys are liking this story because I already think it's better than the original. 

And do not be afraid to tell me about mistakes or anything you seem weird about the story because I hate when the author does not even realize that something doesn't sense. 

But yeah..

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