Suicide Saver *rewritten version*

More tears streamed down my face as I looked into the darkness that was the ocean. This is it. I'm actually doing this once and for all. This is the day I die. I turned around once more just to make sure no one would stop me from jumping. I was about to turn back to the cold water, when I was another person. What? No one was there a second ago. I have to do this fast. Right as my fingers were about to slip off of the cold metal, I heard his voice say "Don't do it"


3. Jacket

I woke up to sun shining through my curtains. I sighed and tried to grab my phone off of my nightstand. When I didn't feel it, I sat up in confusion, before realizing that I never took it out of my pocket last night. I took it out of my pocket and my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that it was three PM. Well then again, I did go to sleep around four in the morning, so that should be expected.


I sat up and stretched, then got my lazy butt up and walked over to my closet. I picked out simple sweatpants and a 5SOS shirt, because it was pretty cold out. I also slipped on some socks because it was cold in my house too. Apparently, dad would rather us get hypothermia than pay the repair man a few hundred bucks to fix the heater.


I sighed and stepped out of my room to head into the bathroom. I combed my hair and put it in a messy bun because let's face it, today is a lazy day. I then brushed my teeth, put on deodorant, and washed my face. After that, I tip-toed down the stairs and into my living room. Dad was probably out of the house, but just in case, I didn't want to be screamed at for waking up so late and making a lot of noise. 


Since I wasn't big on eating breakfast, I walked into the living room instead of the kitchen. I sighed when I saw the twenty or so empty beer bottles allover the room. Not only that, but there were also open chip and pretzel bags, which explained the snacks on the floor and couches.


"Richard" I mumbled to myself, knowing my brother and his friends were the cause of this. Although my dad could (and never misses a chance to) drink, he would never be able to drink this many. But no matter who caused this mess, I would be the one to clean it up, whether willingly, or by force. I sighed and began picking up all of Richard's junk.


Once all of it was either put back in the cabinet or thrown away, I threw my self onto the now clean couch. I sighed and grabbed the T.V. remote so I could enjoy myself for a few hours, while I'm still alone. But what I switched on, wasn't a pretty sight.


I saw a reported standing in front of a bridge; the one Justin and I were on last night. I also saw a construction worker standing next to her. Oh God, please don't tell me that's the one who saw us last night.


"So you're telling me that there were two people up on this bridge early this morning?" The reported asked, pointing the microphone to the man standing next to her. As soon as the question came from her mouth, I put my face in my hands and groaned. Did they really need to make this public? I swear, the world doesn't respect anyone's privacy anymore.


"That's right" answered the nosey construction worker.


"Could you please describe the pedestrians, sir?" Asked the reporter and, once again, shifting the microphone so you could hear the other person clearly.


"I wish I could, but it was extremely dark, since we hadn't turned on the light yet. I could tell you that they seemed to be a young man and woman, maybe in their early twenties" responded the man. That's when my face lit up like it was Christmas morning. Now there was no possible way that anyone would know I was the mystery girl. The description was so vague, that almost anyone could fit the criteria.


"Thank you" the lady said, before turning to the camera. "And back to you Catherine," she finished, smiling along with me. I guess I was just so nervous about having my whereabouts of last night (well technically this morning) exposed that I had completely forgotten about the darkness.


Speaking of last night, I should probably give Justin back his jacket.


I turned of the television and jogged upstairs to go get it. I snatched it off of my bed, where I had thrown it while changing previously, along with my phone. I went back downstairs and slipped on some plain black Vans. I slipped my phone into the waistband of my sweats. I slipped on the jacket because it was easier than carrying, and grabbed my keys, before exiting out the door.


I walked the same path as I had to come back to my hours, except backwards. It was better than last night though, since it was light out and I wasn't dreading arriving to my destination to find someone about to hit me. But despite all those positives, it was still cold. I hugged the jacket around me and kept my head down as I continued walking to the hotel. I honestly hated making eye-contact with people, even if they were just strangers passing by. I guess I just didn't like people in general.


Sliding my hand around the cool metal, I pulled open the door to the hotel and stepped inside. The heat instantly hit me and I smiled, but still kept the black leather on my shoulders. It was just..comforting, I guess you could say.


Luckily, I remembered Justin's room number, because I'm sure he checked in under an alias. I went up the elevator, then navigated my way through down some hallways, until I reached his room. I lifted my hand to knock on his door, when someone stopped me. Butterflies. I had butterflies in my stomach.


I was confused, until I realized the cause of this. It's because he's a celebrity. Duh!


I ignored the twists and turns in my stomach and finally knocked on the wood. "Who is it?" I heard him yell from the other side of the door. "Kimberly from last night" I answered, remembering that I never actually told him my name. Of all the personal things I told him last night, I never told him my name.


A couple seconds later, the door opened and I saw a shirtless Justin, with extremely messy hair. It wasn't too bad of a sight, but I didn't want to be a creep, so I forced my eyes to look up into his. "Sorry, did I wake you?" I asked sympathetically.


"No, I woke up like about an hour ago, but I was lounging. Come in" he offered, stepping aside so I could enter. I smiled and went inside. I sat on the couch, like last night, and he came to sit next to me shortly after.


"So what's up?" he asked, with a smile on his face. "I actually just came to give you back your jacket" I responded, starting to take off the leather, when he stopped me.


"Keep it" he smiled, placing it back over my shoulders. I looked at him strange. First he saves my life, and now he's giving me a jacket. What's next? A new car?


"Are you sure?" I asked, knitting my eyebrows together.


"Definitely" he answered, giving me a reassuring smile. "Okay" I smiled back, fixing the color, since I would be wearing it for a while now.


"So I was wondering, I could maybe ask you a favor" he stated and I nodded. Nothing could repay him for saving my life. Well, I still wasn't sure if it was worth saving, but that was a pretty damn good sign.


"Anything" I responded.


"Well, I don't know many people here. I was actually supposed to stay with a friend, but he had some kind of family emergency, so I have no one. So I wanted to know if you could show me around the city" he explained, which didn't seem to bad. Although I still didn't know him well, it sounded okay to tour around NYC for a little bit.


"Sounds fun, I'm in" I replied.


"Alright, great. So I guess I should get dressed now" he said chuckling. I giggled along and nodded, even though a small part of me didn't want him to.


"Be right back" he told me, before grabbing clothes from the closet and heading into the bathroom. I waited, passing the time by picking at my fingernails, a habit of mine. I'm not even sure where it came from, but I always do it when I'm nervous or just plain bored.


A few minutes later, I heard the door open. I looked up to see Justin in black jeans and a purple V-neck. His hair was also done and I could smell his Axe body spray, which was heavenly.


"Well thanks for making me look like shit" I giggled, which made his smile break out again. But it's true. I'll look like trash next to him.


"You look beautiful" he complimented, which made me blush insanely. He awed, which only meant the redness of my cheeks enhance.


"Let's just go" I grumbled, standing up and made my way over to the front door. He grabbed his wallet and caught up to me, closing the door after we both entered the hallway




Oh my gawd! I so sowwie loves. I don't even really have an excuse this time. Oopsie! But I've just been really concentrated on sports and school so I kind of temporarily forgot about the story. But I promise the next update will be here in less than a week. Cross my heart.


Anywhore... I hope you like it and please give me feedback. I love when you guys comment, It makes my day. But don't be afraid to correct me. I love to improve as well.

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