Suicide Saver *rewritten version*

More tears streamed down my face as I looked into the darkness that was the ocean. This is it. I'm actually doing this once and for all. This is the day I die. I turned around once more just to make sure no one would stop me from jumping. I was about to turn back to the cold water, when I was another person. What? No one was there a second ago. I have to do this fast. Right as my fingers were about to slip off of the cold metal, I heard his voice say "Don't do it"


2. Dad

"So you're telling me that a world famous popstar just saved my life, and I'm currently riding in the back of a cab with him?" I questioned, looking up at him with awe. I could actually see his face now thanks to the street lamps we were driving by, and it was him alright. Not that I was a huge fan or anything, but if you just met a popstar, regardless of your preference, wouldn't you be awestruck too?


"I guess I am" he replied, chuckling. "But don't worry, no one knows I'm here, not even my manager, so no one will show up at the hotel."


Oh Lord, I didn't even think about that. What if the paparazzi got pictures or videos of me and they showed it on the news? My dad watches that everyday, he'd be bound to notice me. He would also be bound to be sure I paid the price for sneaking out. But as long as no one knows he's here, there will be no pictures.




"You're sure that no one knows you're here?" I asked, just trying to be sure. I don't think I could take another beating. "Yeah, we're fine" he replied, with a reassuring smile.


I let out a sigh of relief and sat back in my seat. Now I can only get beaten if he notices I was gone all night, which was unlikely. He hasn't cared about me in over a decade.


"Here we are, The Golden Hotel" announced the cab driver, as he looked back at us. We both got out and Justin handed the man his money, before giving him a small wave. He then put his hand on my back and walked me into the large building. Right before he stepped into the lobby, he pulled his hood up over his head and took sunglasses out of his front pocket. I looked at him questionably, and he shrugged.


"Gotta keep a low profile. Fans get crazy sometimes" her said, before opening the door of the lobby for me. I smiled at him as a 'thank you' and walked inside. I took in my surroundings as he stood by my side. This place was pretty nice, not surprising though, why would the Justin Bieber stay at a place that wasn't up to his standards?


"This way" he said, gesturing to the elevators." I snapped out my daze and followed him, where there was only one other person. Well. it is three a.m. and most people are asleep. He clicked the button and the cart came a few seconds later. We got in and let the machine take us to our destination.


Once we arrived at the sixth floor, I let Justin lead us to his room. After some twists and turns, we approached his door. We swiped his key in the slot, and opened the door revealing the fanciest room I've ever seen. I mean, it's not like the sheets were made out of gold our anything, but there was a huge TV, with a grey couch facing it. A couple yards away was the king-sized bed, with matching grey sheets and pillows. There was also a balcony with a beautiful view of the bridge, where we just were. My family never stayed anywhere like this. We actually didn't even go on that many vacations. Maybe five..?


"You like?" Justin asked from behind me. I smiled back at him and nodded. "I love."


He smiled as I fully stepped into the suite and sat on the couch. It was nice and soft, better than any of my furniture.


"So" he started, as he sat next to me "I can't ignore the fact that you just tried to kill yourself. Stranger or not, you're still a human being and I want to help you" he said with soft eyes. I weakly smiled at him, not knowing if I should come clean or not. I mean, I just met him, but then again, he did  the just save my life and I had no one else to talk to at the moment.


I took a deep breath, trying to figure out where to start.


"Well, when I was four, my mom my dad, brother, and I in the middle of the night. I walked into her and my dad's room and everything was gone and empty. That's when my dad turned into the monster he is now. He began hurting my brother and I. He would punch, slap, kick, everything you could think of. He even threw a lamp at my head a few weeks ago. But that's..that's why I started my self harm. I started cutting when I was nine, because it distracted me from the fact that I had no mother anymore and my dads a bastard."


I looked up at Justin to see there were tears in his eyes and his mouth was partly opened. He looked at me with a mix of sorrow and terror. Before I could explain to him that it was okay, he pulled me into a big hug. He wrapped his arms around me and held on for dear life.


"I could you deal with that?" he whispered into my neck.


"I can't. That's why I was on the bridge" I answered, while my eyes began to water as well. He pulled away and just stared at me for a minute or two, like he was trying not to cry.


"Anything else?" he asked, almost as if he was scared to know the answer. I could tell him so much more, like how I hadn't eaten in three days, or how my dad used to even get my older brother to hit me too sometimes, but I shook my head instead. I don't need to scare him off.


"Well, I don't want you going home, do you want to stay here for tonight?" he asked. I was about to take him up on his offer, when I thought of the possible consequences. The longer I was out, the greater chance there was that my dad would notice I was gone. I had to leave now.


"I'm really sorry but um.. my dad would kill me if he caught me sneaking back in. He's probably asleep, so I should go now. Thank you for everything though, I owe you one" I said, smiling down at him. What they say really is true, talking about things makes it better. I could almost feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders.


"Are you sure? It wouldn't be a problem, I could crash on the couch" he offered, standing up as well.


"I wish I could, honestly, but I really have to go. Thanks again." I kissed his cheek quickly before heading to the door and exiting the room. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 3:30 in the morning. A sigh of relief escaped my lips, knowing that no one in my house should be up for another two hours.


I took the elevator back down to the lobby and walked out of the big glass doors. Did it get even colder? I thought to myself as I hugged my jacket around me. Wait, I wasn't wearing a jacket. I looked down at the coat, and noticed that I had forgotten to give it back to Justin. I was about to go back up to give it back, but I could do that tomorrow.


My house wasn't that far, only about a four minute drive, so walking didn't take too long. I quietly opened the front door to my house and entered. I looked around the darkness and found no one, so I carefully closed it and slowly made my way upstairs, careful not to make too much noise with the creaking.


I was way too exhausted for changing, let alone brushing my teeth, so I simply plopped down on my bed and crawled under the covers. I stared at the ceiling for a minute, just thinking about the events of today. Especially the event that caused me to be on the bridge in the first place.



"You're a worthless little slut!" My dad yelled at me, before throwing another punch right into my gut. I coughed up a generous amount of blood yet again and just sat there, because that was all I could manage to do.


"I'm sorry" I said weakly, since that was about the fifth time he punched me in my stomach. " For what?! He asked, yanking me up by the hair. I was forced to stand up because of his strong force, but not without letting out a few screams of pain. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was fury, as usual. I never saw any compassion, sympathy, not one emotion that showed he had a heart.


"For not doing the laundry" I said quickly, hoping he would let go of my hair so only one part of my body would need to be iced. But I was wrong. He pulled even harder, causing me to yell out in pain yet again. "And?!" he asked, even angrier than he had asked the last question.


"Forgetting to wash the dishes" I cried out. He finally let his grip loosen on my locks and I fell to the floor. I held my stomach with one hand, trying to stop the bleeding, and my head with the other, attempting to stop the pain coming from their.


Neither worked.


"Now get those chores done before I get your brother in here" he said, before slamming my bedroom door behind him. As soon as he was out of ear shot, I finally let out the sob I'd been holding in for minutes. This is it! He causes me too much pain emotionally and physically. If I don't end it now, he will, and it'll be way more painful.




Then there was Justin. The one who saved me and gave me a shoulder to cry on. He's an amazing person and it would be awesome if we could see each other again.


I owe him one.



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