A Flaw In Infinity

Her rosy red cheeks, had a sign of innocence
The way he smiled, made you feel flawed
The way her red hair flowed in the wind like blood was mesmerizing, the way their eyes glowed in the dark put fear into your heart, the way the infinities never lasted made the time feel immortal, and the way they ran made their hearts feel free.


1. Infinity *Prologue*

*~So, here I am. I won't tell you where I am, or what my name is. You don't need to know that. But what you do need to know is that I wander, into trouble more than sacrifice. With so many roads that lead you wrong, how can you find the good one. I try to hold on to the belief that there is more good in this world than bad, but sometimes it really is too late to change reality. The reality that everything you love will be taken from you. The reality that you are trapped among these stars. The reality that you can't escape. Everyone thinks they know what this world has to offer but in reality they don't. They think they can travel through the infinities one day. But to me that is merely impossible, because their are no infinities. These stars will die, the light will die, and all life will die. Everything comes to an end. One way, or another. But with death, there will be life~*

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