Happiness Forever

What makes me happy!


1. Everything That Makes Me Happy

I feel the green grass tickle my bare feet as I lay back in it, staring at the pure blue sky.  I see a graceful white swan gently glide across the glittering blue lake.  It is beautiful.  I hear a girl shout as she calls back her dog and the laughter of young kids running around. The cool breeze tickles my face and  I smell the flowers that are all around us.  My best friend and me.  I feel my best friend entwine her hand with mine.  She squeezes my hand and I squeeze back.  I hear her bracelet jingle reminding me of our promise.  The promise to be best friends forever.  I hear her laugh, her voice sounding like bells tingling.  Then, we get up and run holding hands, laughing together.  Our bare feet lightly touching the ground as we run.  It feels like we are flying.  Flying together. She turns to me her brown eyes looking into my blue  ones.  I stare back.  And our eyes meet.  She smiles and asks, "Will you be my friend forever?  Will you stay with me forever?"   My answer is the one word she wants to hear.  "Yes.  Of course I will."  She squeals and pulls me into a hug.  I hug her back.  I am glad that she is my best friend.  I know that she will keep her promise as she touches her bracelet to mine.  She pulls out a new charm.  We add one each year on our Frenniversary. This time it is a heart, which says "Friends Forever."  I know that she will never leave me as we join hands and make a heart.  A heart against the now setting sun.  And I feel something bloom in my heart and spread through my body like a warm liquid glow.  Then, I realize.  It's happiness.  The feeling of being free and happy.  Forever Friends.  Forever Happy.

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