Masked (A Loki x Thranduil Fanfiction)

//Ignores the plot of Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and The Avengers. I am basing this somewhat off of Norse Mythology, though I will add in a few of my own twists. Takes place before The Hobbit, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, and The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies//

Pairing: Loki x Thranduil

Loki is banished from his realm and cast out by the Allfather for something he did not do. He finds himself in a realm he's never heard of before with creatures he didn't know existed, and elves far more beautiful than the ones he knew. He finds himself challenged by King Thranduil, who has an attitude much like his own. But as they become closer to one another, they realize they are more alike than they first thought.


1. Blood and Banishment

"The all-consuming hatred in your heart is as deep as the oceans and as vast as Middle-Earth itself."


Shattered glass littered the floor. The All-Prince's deceptive forest green eyes found it quite a beautiful sight, actually. The glass appearing like crystals against the stone floor, illuminated by the many torches that hung on the walls.

The guards would be coming soon, he knew.

They would take him before the Allfather, chained like an animal, and he'd be forced to kneel. He, Loki of Asgard, who was born to rule, forced to his knees.

It put a bitter taste in his mouth.

If it wasn't for Lady Sif and her clever little trick, he wouldn't be in this mess. Although, he will admit, he provoked her. Cutting off her long hair as she slept... might have been a bit much. But this... this was far worse.

This was murder.


Thranduil stopped, the shift in the atmosphere like a wall before him. He tilted his head, listening. 

The clearing, seemingly empty, was full of hidden life. He could hear the scuttling of tiny claws against bark, wind ruffling leaves and feathers, the insistent buzz of bees. 

A slight frown marred his brow, his new limitations a bother and unwelcome. His hollow eye socket throbbed at the thought, scar tissue smarting. It ran down the length of his body, towards the soil beneath his feet.

The Dragon...

Thranduil's hand dropped to his sword. He whirled around, the quick motion causing his weakened body to feel very dizzy and off balance. His keen ears picked up the sound of light footsteps coming in his direction. He began seeing black spots in his vision that were growing larger, and cursed to himself as he tried to stay conscious. His his body failed him and he collapsed to the leaves and dirt beneath him, the last thing to come into his sight being his own elven guards.

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