Mike’s Story

the story of a window cleaner


5. 5

Chapter 5

   Poor Jenny after her husband had deserted her for a younger woman, unfortunately had to sell the house. In her place the house was taken over by two ladies Marge and Sandra. At first glance one would have imagined that they were gay. I soon discovered they were not.

   It appeared that Jenny had used my extra special window cleaning services as a selling point to achieve the full asking price for her house.



   I had introduced myself to the ladies in Jenny’s old house. After finishing I walked around the building with Marge, who was inspecting my work. We had just reached the patio doors, when one minute we were dry and the next we were soaking wet.

   Sandra who was in the garden using the hose to water the flowerbeds had stumbled and in doing so had accidentally or on purpose pointed the hose in our direction.


   Thankfully when taking on a new client I always allow plenty of time for them to get to know me. The incident with the garden hose and having to strip down to my underpants so as not to drip water while going upstairs was not the problem, it was the sex that followed while my clothes were drying.

   Both Ladies wanted to be serviced one after the other.                


   I might be a human stud but I don’t usually have two ladies fighting over me. I eventually got them to compromise. Marge and I would do it first as we were both undressed already. The following day I would visit and service Sandra. Well in theory that was how it was supposed to happen.

   However, lying between Marge’s legs moving my hips backwards and forwards, I was so preoccupied that the first I knew of Sandra being there was when she smacked my bottom and shouted for me to hurry up for it was her turn next. The shock made me shoot my load.  


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