Mike’s Story

the story of a window cleaner


4. 4

Chapter four

   Window cleaning and sex being my thing I often surf the net to find better way to service my ladies.

   To my surprise I came across a site with one of Helen’s teaching aids. It was of Helen and me on her bed having sex.

   After the shock of seeing myself on the video I had to admit that I looked really good. I especially liked the way she had used more than one camera to capture us in different positions, giving her students watching some idea of what was possible, so they could achieve the maximum pleasure while having intercourse.


     I was once again back at the school, this time there were no girls, only Helen.

Apparently after the police raid, it had been decided that it was unsafe for the school to carry on as before.

It was being closed down and the buildings were up for sale. I found this really sad as I looked forward to having sex with Helen each month.


    During the goodbye sex session with Helen I soon realised that police hadn’t found the video cameras when they searched the place. She had obviously manoeuvred our bodies into some strange positions, so that the hidden cameras could capture the action. 

    Playing along with this I had decided to ham it up a bit by heavy breathing and by shouting out that I was coming.

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