Mike’s Story

the story of a window cleaner


3. 3

Chapter 3

   Today instead of driving directly to my brother’s place, I headed for the manner house and Helen. She had asked me to come a day early and stay the night. 

     “Hello Mike I’m pleased you could make it,” Helen said as she opened the door.

      “Always happy to oblige.” I replied looking her up and down. Wow she certainly was a cracker I thought.

      “I hope you haven’t eaten yet,” Helen asked.

       “No as instructed I only had breakfast this morning.”

      “That’s good I think sex on an empty stomach is always best.” With that remark she led me to her room, which was divided into two by a curtain, stretched across its centre.

   Within a very short time, I found myself lying naked on the bed with my hands tied to the metal headboard.

   However, unlike Susan instead of inflecting corporal punishment, Helen drew back the curtain and to my surprise, there sat a group of girls, all with sketchpads.

   Apparently, I was their naked life model and the title of the sketch was bondage.


      During the next two days while helping my brother cleaning windows, several of the girls who had sketched me came to say hello.

    One in particular was a really beautiful Chinese girl.  I especially liked her face with those oriental eyes.  She had shown me her sketchpad where she had drawn me without my cock and had politely asked if I would pose for her so she could finish the sketch.

    Naturally I found time to do that and in payment she in turn showed me how they pillowed in her country which to my surprise she was very good at.


   “O M God.” Helen had tied me up once again, thankfully this time without the girls being present. She was bouncing up and down on my rock-hard cock when there was a banging on the bedroom door and someone shouting that the police were on their way.

   Apparently, this high-class finishing school was for hookers. 

   After Helen had untied me and once again fully dressed I decided it was time for me to leave. My problem was how? When I opened the bedroom door I discovered that all hell had broken loose and the stairs going down was jam packed with girls.

   Thankfully the school was housed in an old building with windows that could open so being a window cleaner had it uses in situations like this.

   Carefully I stepped through onto the wide outside ledge and closed the window behind me then holding on with just my fingers on the frame I inched my way along the ledge until I could gain access to the drainpipe running down the wall and so make my escape to the ground.


   Thankfully when the police did arrive they found only my brother Ted and me up ladders cleaning the front windows of the manner house together with of course Helen alone in the house. 

    As for the girls and all the other teachers, they seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

   The funny thing was on my journey home I passed a coach on the motorway with girls in it who, if I’m not mistaken I had seen somewhere before.


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